February 3, 2012

Newsletter 11

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More great performances from Club members at Nowra last month over all three race distances. Full results at the end of the newsletter.
Special congratulations to Hugh Harrison who placed third overall in the Sprint 1:02:24. Hugh had the fastest run leg finishing the 5kms in 17:57! Hugh was second in his age group.
Congratulations too to the two Tims – Tim O’Connell and Tim O’Shea – who also made the top 10 in the Sprint. Tim O’Connell placed 7th overall and won the 40-44 age group while Tim O’Shea was not far behind him finishing 8th overall and second in the 14-15 age group.
And to Mekayla Burdfield who was the ninth fastest female and took silver in the 16-17 age group.
Other JB medal winners in the sprint were Neil Galletly and Brendon Kelly who both took bronze in their age groups.
A big well done to Joanne Warren (pictured) who not only finished her first Olympic distance, but earned her first podium finish! Jo placed third in the 45-49 age group while Luke Harden also placed third in the 15-19 men’s age group – well done Luke!
Congratulations too to Renae Watkins, who also completed her first Olympic distance event, and to Bill Stahlut who, despite a tumble off his bike (“I was stupid”), placed a credible fourth in the 50-54 age group and still managed the fastest run leg in his category!
Enticer. The Club fielded a smaller than usual turnout in the Enticer event though Marcus Vowels flew the JB flag taking gold in the 70+ age group. Congratulations too to Brooke Crossland, Nina Santangelo, Sonja Hammond and Cameron Galletly who all put in strong performances.

Some great races too at the National Sprint Championships last weekend in Canberra. This was a valuable chance to earn double points for qualification in this year’s ITU World Champioinships in Auckland, so well done everyone! Results at the end of the newsletter, but a few special mentions:
* First, Mitchell Brown who made the top 20 overall and placed fifth in the 16-19 age group. Mitch had the ninth fastest run of the day – 17:22!
* Tim O’Shea also made the top five in his age group, while Hugh Harrison and Kylie Stewart were 8th and 9th respectively.
* Tim O’Connell (11th), Jack Stewart (17th), Matt Lewis and Mark Emerton (both 20th), all made the top 20.

Don’t forget to keep March 18 free for what promises to be a great day of ocean swimming at Plantation Point. If you can’t do the swim, we’ll also be looking for volunteers to help out with race management. Further details and entry information as it becomes available. Spread the word!

Aquathon. Well done to Elisha Bell who won the female 30-39 age group at the recent Illawarra Aquathon! Elisha finished the 900m swim/7kmn run in 49:33.

Alpine Classic. Tibor Slezak, Ken Price, and Mandy Meredith were also busy last week riding in the Audax cycling event in Victoria’s Alps. Great effort all of you!
Tibor undertook the 200km classic and reports it was a long, hot and steep 200km.
“My start to finish time was  about 10 hrs and a few minutes. There were compulsory stops for timing, food and water, so I figure about 9hrs 35-45min actual ride time.
“There has been no other ride I have done that comes even close to comparing Sundays ride. Makes the Ironman rides a piece of cake.
“Organisers say the temp was 34 deg. The two major climbs took approx 2hrs each and were 30 and 25km long (Summercloud Bay 2km or 6min) they just kept going up and up with no let up. The other climb of 8-9km was ridden twice. The downhills were also long and took about 35min, which also took a toll on the arms and shoulders.
“Riding the hills and sweating for the 9+ hrs I surprisingly suffered no cramps – good old magnesium supplements and Endura drinks must have worked.
“It was a fantastic way to see the Vic snowy mtns with great views during all climbs. What was really appreciated was the river only 100m from the finish line.
“After the ride I thought that the 140km would be ideal and enough for next year, but today, the 200km seems tempting already.”

Farewell to Renae. Best of luck to Renae Watkins who is moving to Cairns this month. She may not have been a triathlete for long, but she has certainly made her mark! Keep up the good work Renae and best of luck with the move and Cairns long course in June!

Smithfield Half Marathon. Jay and Paula Luke recently ran the Smithfield Half Marathon, a New York Marathon qualifying race. Jay tells us Paula needed to run sub-1:37 to automatically qualify.
“We were neck & neck until 33 mins in when Mackerz McCormack made her move! She then led the entire race with a lead of 400 metres & at the 2km mark I made my move but just left it too late to catch her!”
Paula in 1:41:38, just missing out that qualifying spot, while Jay crossed the line in 1:42:38 – just 14 seconds short of a new PB.

Iron knee. After two weeks in Sydney where he organised the entire rehab ward of St Luke’s Hospital to his satisfaction, Paul Coombes has returned home with his new “triathlon knee”. Will someone please tell him to wait a few months before trying it out!

Husky II. Best of luck to everyone racing at Husky in a couple of weeks! This is really “our race” so come along and cheer your fellow Club members on when you’re not racing yourself! A reminder to send your name, age group and event to so we can collate everyone’s results.

A reminder that our first Iluka training session of the year is THIS Sunday, the 5th, at 8am! It’s the last chance for a hit out before Husky and hopefully the rain will have stopped by then! Cost $5 for members/$10 for visitors.

Uniforms. Tony McGowan is the man to talk to about club uniforms. If you’re interested in a Club tri suit/seperates or cycling gear email him ASAP at

Membership. Mandy Meredith has kindly agreed to take on the role as club registrar. All membership enquiries should now go to her at Thanks to Alex Organ for all her work in compiling the membership database.

Insurance. A reminder that TriNSW’s insurance only applies to financial members of Triathlon Australia. JB Tri Club members receive discounted TA membership. Info at

Facebook. If you’re not already signed up to the JB Tri Club Facebook page, get online or talk to Tony Lim. There’s also the Club’s website,, or you can contact members via

Email list. Know someone who isn’t getting their Club emails? Contact

A couple of new ones this month.
Monday Swim and Run. Meet at the car park at Husky Beach for a 6pm beach swim and a 6.30 run to Vincentia and back. Recovery after weekend races or hard work out- whatever suits.
The popular “Turtles” ocean swim at Husky on Saturday mornings at 8am. Some members are now extending this with a post-swim ride and run. Come along for part or all of the morning’s training.
Fit swim has re-started at the Leisure Centre on Thursdays from 5-6 pm. If anyone is interested in forming a group to train at Husky Pool, contact Alex at or phone 0403464039.
Saturday bike ride. Leaves from Vincentia Service Station at 6.30 am for the National Park. It’s still the famous “banana ride” – peel off when you need to.
If you want to brush up on your cycling skills, Shane Woods organises a Criterium at the Basin on Wednesday evenings. Contact Bikes at the Basin for details.

FEEDBACK. Got some news or thoughts you’d like to share? ? Send any ideas, news, photos etc to Or just post on the Club’s Facebook page.

Cat Pos Name Time Age Group Gender Gender Pos Swim Bike Run
5 Brooke CROSSLAND 00:37:01 12-13 Female 18 00:05:45 00:18:47 00:12:28
7 Nina SANTANGELO 00:43:04 40-44 Female 55 00:06:50 00:22:02 00:14:11
8 Sonja HAMMOND 00:43:04 40-44 Female 56 00:06:34 00:21:56 00:14:34
6 Cameron GALLETLY 00:33:17 12-13 Male 19 00:04:50 00:16:53 00:11:33
1 Marcus VOWELS 00:38:01 70+ Male 46 00:06:24 00:19:46 00:11:50
Cat Pos Name Time Age Group Gender Gender Pos Swim Bike Run
2 Mekayla BURDFIELD 01:20:32 16-17 Female 9 00:13:00 00:42:10 00:25:20
6 Amber GRAINGER 01:26:24 35-39 Female 21 00:17:12 00:44:49 00:24:22
7 Kylie STEWART 01:27:13 40-44 Female 25 00:16:31 00:44:08 00:26:33
2 Tim O’SHEA 01:08:08 14-15 Male 8 00:11:28 00:36:11 00:20:28
2 Hugh HARRISON 01:02:24 16-17 Male 3 00:11:24 00:33:03 00:17:57
3 Brendon KELLY 01:19:30 20-24 Male 50 00:13:37 00:41:58 00:23:54
15 Glen KEEFE 01:22:30 35-39 Male 67 00:16:39 00:40:58 00:24:52
1 Tim OCONNELL 01:07:56 40-44 Male 7 00:12:12 00:34:52 00:20:52
8 David WALKER 01:20:54 40-44 Male 58 00:16:25 00:39:18 00:25:10
3 Neil GALLETLY 01:19:06 50-54 Male 47 00:12:27 00:40:07 00:26:31
4 Tony MCGOWAN 01:25:53 55-59 Male 82 00:17:10 00:40:34 00:28:08
Cat Pos Name Time Age Group Gender Gender Pos Swim Bike Run
8 Renae WATKINS 02:44:39 35-39 Female 33 00:30:12 01:21:49 00:52:36
10 Lenell HOLLYWOOD 02:46:07 35-39 Female 39 00:27:43 01:26:45 00:51:38
5 Catherine HEAD 02:38:25 40-44 Female 22 00:26:52 01:20:37 00:50:55
3 Joanne WARREN 02:52:56 45-49 Female 44 00:32:24 01:25:09 00:55:23
3 Luke HARDEN 02:21:54 15-19 Male 52 00:29:36 01:05:48 00:46:30
24 Anthony ATKINS 02:35:09 35-39 Male 102 00:33:27 01:13:29 00:48:12
9 David EDWARDS 02:19:55 35-39 Male 41 00:26:49 01:07:34 00:45:31
13 Ashley HALE 02:25:33 40-44 Male 64 00:29:13 01:12:55 00:43:24
4 Bill STAHLHUT 02:22:53 50-54 Male 57 00:30:45 01:11:26 00:40:41
68 5 Tim O’SHEA 01:06:20 14-15 Male 65 00:11:36 00:33:05 00:19:11
17 5 Mitchell BROWN 01:01:20 16-19 Male 17 00:10:01 00:31:41 00:17:22
28 8 Hugh HARRISON 01:02:54 16-19 Male 28 00:10:45 00:30:54 00:18:53
77 17 Jack STEWART 01:06:46 16-19 Male 74 00:09:56 00:33:06 00:21:11
182 20 Matt LEWIS 01:11:56 16-19 Male 146 00:13:58 00:33:15 00:21:53
114 11 Tim OCONNELL 01:08:33 40-44 Male 103 00:11:39 00:33:04 00:21:06
144 20 Mark EMERTON 01:09:54 45-49 Male 124 00:11:37 00:32:41 00:22:42
27 541 Mark STEWART 01:17:40 45-49 Male 203 00:11:56 00:36:07 00:25:26
333 9 Kylie STEWART 01:23:10 40-44 Female 102 00:14:21 00:38:42 00:26:04