September 22, 2011

AGM 2011

Download minutes of AGM Sept 2011 as pdf

15 September 2011
St Georges Basin Country Club

PRESENT: Shane Cousins, Sally Pateman, Tony Lim, Annette Sampson, Bill Stahlhut, Alex Organ, Chris Stubbs, David Edwards, Ben Duncan, Katie Winkworth, Jeremy Sutton, Mark Stewart, Kylie Stewart, Paul Coombes, Ken Price, Joanne Warren

APOLOGIES: Tony McGowan, Jon Schols, Mandy Meredith.

CHAIR: Ken Price



Secretary’s Report. Ken Price reported the Club was up to date with its obligations to the Department of Fair Trading. He has been liaising with Council’s safety officer on ways to promote road safety for cyclists. Thanks to St George’s Basin Country Club for sponsoring the Club by providing a meeting room.

Treasurer’s Report. Sally Pateman tabled the 2010/11 profit and loss statement and balance sheet. The Club’s income consisted mostly of sponsorship funds which had been used to pay for the Club’s trailer and toolbox. The Club currently has $1426.60 in the bank though this includes a $500 grant paid to the club for Tarni Cunningham. A cheque has been given to Tarni for this amount but not yet cashed – leaving the Club with a balance of $925.60.
– Ken Price suggested we should issue receipts to help with record keeping. He also asked about receipts from the last Club training session. Sally reported we had banked $485 though this was not in the profit and loss statement as it came after June 30.
– Ken Price moved a vote of thanks to Sally for getting the Club’s funds in ordered. Voted unanimously.

– Ken Price declared all positions vacant and called for nominations.
– Paul Coombes nominated Tony Lim for president. Seconded Ken Price. Elected.
– Tony Lim took over as chairman of the meeting.
– Bill Stahlhut nominated Marcus Vowels as vice president. Seconded Ken Price. Elected.
– Annette Sampson nominated Ken Price as secretary. Seconded Jo Warren. Elected.
– Chris Stubbs nominated Sally Pateman as treasurer. Seconded Katie Winkworth. Elected.
– Ken Price nominated Cathy Head, Joanne Warren and Chris Stubbs as development officers. Seconded Paul Coombes. Elected.
– Ken Price nominated Annette Sampson as publicity officer. Seconded Tony Lim. Elected.
– Bill Stahlhut nominated Shane Cousins and Katie Winkworth as fundraising officers. Seconded Annette Sampson. Elected.
– Ken Price nominated Tony McGowan and Shane Wood as uniforms officers. Seconded Tony Lim. Elected.
– Tony Lim nominated David Edwards as social/catering officer. Seconded Bill Stahlhut. Elected.
– Ken Price nominated Tony Lim as Webmaster. Seconded Mark Stewart. Elected.
– Joanne Warren nominated Bill Stahlhut as race director. Discussion on whether we needed to split the job and have an equipment officer as well.  Bill Stahlhut elected as race director and Mark Stewart and Jeremy Sutton as equipment officers.

AGM Closed 7:33pm.

GENERAL MEETING:  Opened 7.33pm.
CHAIR: Tony Lim

The chairman called for items to be discussed.

ITEM 1. Uniforms. Tony Lim noted that Tony McGowan had called for interest in purchasing uniforms but questions had been raised about pricing and whether the current design was too hot.
-Chris Stubbs said cost was not an issue.
– Katie Winkworth said there needed to be a clear system in place as she had ordered a uniform a year ago and still not received one. Sally Pateman suggested the Club refund Katie her purchase price. RESOLVED.
– Annette Sampson reported most club competitors had not worn their uniforms at this year’s Husky Long Course Triathlon because of complaints they were too hot. Discussion on the design and fabric of the uniforms. Most liked the design. David Edwards said the problem was that the fabric as it does not breathe like higher quality tri suits. Tony Lim noted that the supplier, Champion Systems, had an elite tri suit which would retain less heat. Ken Price suggested the Club offer both suits to members and explain the breathability issue.
– Joanne Warren asked whether it was possible for club members to order uniforms themselves from Champion Systems. Tony Lim said the Club usually ordered in bulk because orders over $700 were freight-free.
– Ken Price asked whether it was worth contacting the supplier used by Elite Energy to see whether they could provide a better deal. He also asked whether it would be possible for members to order through the Club’s website. Tony Lim said this was do-able.
– Alex Organ suggested the Club look for a sponsor to subsidise uniform costs. It was agreed this was a good idea but Tony Lim pointed out that it was impractical for the upcoming tri season as it would take too long.
RESOLVED that Mark Stewart investigate sourcing with Elite Energy’s supplier and report back to the president the following week. If it was not attractive members would be asked to place their orders online for Champion Systems. Items to be sourced to include elite and standard tri suits, tri tops and bottoms, cycling tops and jackets and a club T-shirt.

ITEM 2. Ocean Swim. Chris Stubbs reported that he had started to make enquiries about insurance for the proposed swim on March 18, 2012 and had emailed SwimNSW and the Ocean Swim website. SwimNSW has safety guidelines and risk assessments and swims can be registered on the OceanSwim calendar.
– Chris said he has also spoken to officials at the Marine Park who believed a permit for the Huskisson ocean swims could cover the event, but could not see any issues with granting a permit if this was not the case. The only issue of concern was fixing the buoys.
– Chris reported he had also spoken privately to the commodore of the sailing club who was warm to the idea and had written to him officially.
– Chris asked whether the Club had received any name suggestions and said he was still keen on the Shark Bait swim. Annette Sampson confirmed the Club had received no better ideas.
– Mark Stewart asked about distances and pricing. Chris said the course allowed for a 1.8km swim, and 1km swim, and a shorter race in front of the Sailing Club for juniors. He said most swims on the web site were priced at $30-$40. Mark confirmed insurance costs were usually $5-10 a head.
RESOLVED that Chris Stubbs put The Jervis Bay Shark Bait Swim on the OceanSwim web site and Tony Lim put it on the Tri Club web site and we progress with the event.

ITEM 3. Tri Season Launch. Chris Stubbs said he was concerned the planned date of October 23 would still be too cold for many people to swim.
– Joanne Warren was concerned that if the Club were to increase the number of people attending, problems would arise with parking.
– Suggestions were canvassed for an alternative event including a training day at Huskisson beach in November, a “bring and friend and do the course with them” fun day in December, and a swim and run at Plantation Point in January.
– Joanne Warren suggested October 23 be used as an opportunity for the Club to reconnect with existing members and encourage them to come along. RESOLVED

ITEM 4. Grant Application. Shane Cousins tabled an application he had lodged for a NSW Dept of Sport and Recreation Participation Grant. As 50% of the grant was not to be used for equipment, he had requested a $3,000 grant which included $1500 to get Level 0 and 1 coaching from TriNSW. He said he had also asked for money for bikes and walky-talkies.

ITEM 5. Membership database. Sally Pateman said she had received some membership forms but not everyone had filled one out. Discussion that it was particularly important to have email contact addresses for everyone.
– Alex Organ volunteered to put a membership database together. RESOLVED

ITEM 6. One-day memberships. Ken Price said he had received an email from MacArthur Tri Club that said while Triathlon Australia’s insurance would protect the Club and its officials, it did not cover members. For members to be covered, non-TA members would need to pay a one-day licence fee of $5-25. Discussion indicated many members would find this cost prohibitive.
– Annette Sampson said the Club had already resolved to encourage members to take out TA membership and to have a waiver on display at Club events and to include the fact that participants were taking part at their own risk in the event briefing. She said the Club still did not have the waiver form.
– Mark Stewart said all membership and sign-on forms should include a waiver but the Club could still be sued.
RESOLVED that Ken Price prepare the necessary waivers for the Club’s next event on Sunday and insurance be included in the race briefing.

ITEM 7. Equipment. Jeremy Sutton said he was fitting pipes for storage to the Club trailer and his brother Andrew had the Club’s swim buoys.
– Tony Lim said the Club was still missing road safety signs. Mark Stewart volunteered to organise some for the following Sunday. RESOLVED
– Annette Sampson said the Club was also missing a first-aid kit. Sally Pateman offered to ask Kate Manderson to organise one for Sunday. RESOLVED
– Ben Duncan offered walky-talkies for Sunday but it was resolved marshals could keep in contact via mobile phone.
– Annette Sampson asked about safety vests and traffic cones. Mark Stewart volunteered to organise safety vests. RESOLVED

Meeting closed: 8.33pm