August 30, 2012


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16 August 2012

PRESENT: Tony Lim, Sally Pateman, Jeff Cockrem, Ken Price, Joanne Warren, David Edwards, Bill Stahlhut, Catherine Head, Annette Sampson

APOLOGIES: Mark Stewart, Kylie Stewart, Paul Coombes, Shane Cousins, Tony McGowan, Chris Vince, Kate Manderson, Katie Winkworth, Sonja Hammond.

CHAIR: Tony Lim


TREASURER’S REPORT: Sally Pateman tabled the Club’s financial statements. Joanne Warren moved they be accepted. Seconded Ken Price. Motion passed unanimously.

SECRETARY’S REPORT: Ken Price reported the Club had received approval from Booderee National Park for this year’s club training sessions. A signed waiver would be faxed to them the following day. Ken proposed he circulate a list of dates to members the following week. Joanne Warren moved to accept. Seconded Annette Sampson. Motion passed unanimously.

EQUIPMENT OFFICER’S REPORT: Bill Stahlhut reported an inventory had been made of the Club’s equipment. A signwriter had been approached for a quote for new warning signs for Club training events and had quoted a price of $110 for five signs, including GST. Bill Stahlhut moved the quote be accepted. Seconded Annette Sampson. Passed unanimously.
– Tony Lim said he would send the inventory to Sally Pateman. Ken Price said items should be valued for the Club’s financial records. Resolution accepted.
– Bill Stahlhut said the air horn currently used by the Club was his own. He offered to buy another for the Club or to sell it to the Club for $30. Annette Sampson moved the Club buy the air horn, seconded Joanne Warren. Passed unanimously. Sally Pateman to give Bill a cheque.
– Joanne Warren asked whether the swim buoy stolen at Iluka had been replaced. Tony Lim moved that Bill Stahlhut investigate getting a replacement. Seconded Catherine Head. Passed unanimously.

PRESIDENT’S REPORT: Tony Lim thanked everyone for their efforts with the Club.
He reported this year’s memberships were online only and so far the Club had 46 paid-up members.
He said a new supplier had been located for Club uniforms and a modified design was being developed. There would be a minimum order of 12 uniforms. He said members would be informed when samples were ready.
He reported compulsory Triathlon Australia was off the cards for now .
He congratulated all the members who had qualified for the Australian team at this year’s world championships and Louise Heywood who had qualified for Kona. He said it had been a big year with Club members competing as far abroad as Busselton and Phuket and congratulated everyone for their race efforts.
Annette Sampson moved the report be accepted, seconded Bill Stahlhut. Passed unanimously.

Tony Lim declared all positions vacant.

Jeff Cockrem took over chairmanship of the meeting and called for nominations for positions. The following were appointed unanimously:
President: Tony Lim. Nominated by Ken Price, seconded Joanne Warren.
Vice president: Marcus Vowels. Nominated Bill Stahlhut, seconded Joanne Warren.
Secretary: Ken Price. Nominated Tony Lim, seconded Catherine Head.
Treasurer: Sally Pateman. Nominated Tony Lim, seconded Catherine Head.
Web master: Jeff Cockrem. Nominated Joanne Warren, seconded Tony Lim.
Equipment Officer: Bill Stahlhut. Nominated David Edwards, seconded Annette Sampson.
Minutes secretary: Annette Sampson. Nominated Catherine Head, seconded Joanne Warren.
Catering: David Edwards. Nominated Bill Stahlhut, seconded Catherine Head.
Equipment assistant: Jeremy Sutton. Nominated Bill Stahlhut, seconded Tony Lim.
Development officers: Joanne Warren, Catherine Head and Chris Stubbs. Nominated Annette Sampson, seconded Tony Lim.
Publicity officers: Annette Sampson and Chris Stubbs. Nominated Ken Price. Seconded Tony Lim.
Fund raising officer: Jeremy Sutton. Nominated Catherine Head, seconded Bill Stahlhut.
Uniforms officer: Tony McGowan. Nominated Ken Price, seconded Bill Stahlhut.

AGM closed: 7:34

General meeting opened: 7:34


Triathlon Australia Membership.
Bill Stahlhut expressed dissatisfaction with the TA membership renewal process.
Grant Application.
Ken Price said Shane Cousins had sent him a grant application for which the Club was unsuccessful last year. Resolved Ken follow-up and lodge a new application this year.
Bike Plan.
Ken Price said he had received a letter from Shoalhaven City Council asking for input on a proposed bike plan. Resolved that Ken circulate the letter for members’ input and talk to the Council’s safety officer.
Timing System.
Ken Price said he had received a letter from a company offering a timing system for Club events at a cost of $1500 for up to 100 members. Resolved the Club not pursue the offer.
Bike Racks.
Tony Lim said the Club needed more bike racks for its training sessions and said Jervis Bay Welding would provide a quote if given a sample. Resolved that Tony follow up.
Bill Stahlhut asked about progress with an insurance quote covering Club members and training events. Ken Price said he had spoken to the broker and other small clubs could be interested. He said he would provide more information on this later.

NEXT MEETING: October 18, 7pm.

Meeting closed: 7:49pm


There were 130 swimmers across the 3 races.
82 had registered online and 48 on the day.
55 for the Classic
52 for Round the Point
23 for the Mini

Overall raised approximately $2500.

Numbers probably exceeded expectations.
Tri Club members and friend volunteering on the day was great. (Special mention to David Walker, Kathy Lewis and Dianne McMaster on registration and Kate for volunteering to be Medical Support)
The safety worked well with the radios at different points a must.
The three races offered opportunities for all levels.
The Sailing Club was a good venue and they worked well with the event.
The Paddle Board Club offered a number of paddlers as well as a good link to that club. (see recommendations)
The name did create a level of interest both before and after.
Whilst help on the day was great there was a lot of work beforehand. I accepted this and was happy to do but probably not sustainable. (see recommendations)
I sent out 40 e-mails after the event (20 local/20 outside) and got back about 28. Overall all were very positive about both the day and the name although there were some common themes which I will list below.
Main issue was the length of the Round the Point which some estimate at between 1.5km-1.9km!! Problem was putting the markers well outside rocks for safety and believe that Sailing Club erred on side of caution. This was good for safety but created another issue of people who felt that 1km was about their limit struggling with the extra length. The Classic was also longer although not so much of an issue as swimming 2.5km not as significant when already planning to swim 2km.
Comments that there were insufficient buoys mainly from the start of Classic to the rocks. (This was not helped by swimming straight into sun)
There was some difficulty with the Classic missing the start although not major.
The timing worked ok but unclear if this will cope with a larger number of competitors. However also need a system that allows ability to get results very quickly.
There were some difficulties in getting access to NSW TRI to access the online rego and when getting this info and transferring to a system that allowed for manual check in was challenging.
Strongly support continuing the swim at similar time (can set date as soon as Elite Energy schedule out.)
I know that the Sailing Club was very happy and pleased to continue.
I would like to get Huskisson Paddle Board Club more formally involved as both safety support but also great to have local clubs who use the Bay all coming together.
Do need to consider the name and I will liaise further with Jervis Bay Tourism person who contacted me to clarify how big an issue this is.
Will need to put more thought into the 1km swim. I actually consider that it may be better to have this on the Sailing Club side and start from end of Orion Beach. Allows better ability to manage the distance (may even consider 800m) and also is less daunting as I consider we would get a lot more locals doing the event.
Keep the Classic as it is and promote heavily with the Sydney based swim market.
Believe that the swim has the potential to become a lot larger and therefore a bigger fundraiser. Need to consider how we want to spend this money both now and in the future.
Consider a donation ($100-$200) to Huskisson Paddle Board Club as both a thank you and view to future support.
Make this Club’s main fundraising event for the year. Experience shows better to invest more in one bigger event than have lots of little.
Need to consider a small committee to work on the tasks needed prior to the event. I am happy to co-ordinate this as I now have a “blueprint”. We can then have separate co-ordinators (course/safety/registrations etc)

Thanks to all and look forward to next year.