March 6, 2019

Big Husky Tri Festival

Well what a huge weekend of racing for some of our JB Tri Club members.

Of course the big weekend was the Elite Energy Big Husky Tri Festival while the Snowy Mountains hosted TreX XTri, the Australian National Championships.

TreX events included the XTri, Duathlon, Aquabike, Junior events. a 50km Ultra trail run, half marathon, 12k and 5k trail runs.

Kendall McMaster competed in the standard distance (1500mtr swim, 30km mtb and 10km trail run finishing under 5 hrs (4:59:59). This was Kendall’s first ever off road mtb race and to make it sweeter Kendall took out 3rd place. Awesome work Kendall! The things we do for our kids!

Elite Energy again put on a fantastic weekend of racing and fun with the Big Husky Triathlon Festival. Thanks to Emo and his fab team….you all worked so hard over the weekend to make this a great event!

Also a HUGE thank you to all the volunteers who took time out of their weekend to ensure its success – it wouldn’t happen without the ‘vollies’. If you know someone who volunteered and won’t see our Newsletter please thank them on behalf of the Club

A special mention – this year was made even more exciting for JB Tri Club with our very own Matt Lewis racing his first home event as an Elite wearing the #1 bib.

Matt raced brilliantly taking 7th place in the very strong field of Male Elites, only 3 minutes behind the mighty Pete Jacobs. Congratulations Matt!

Friday afternoon kicked the Festival off with the 1km and 500 m swim in what can only be described as perfect conditions.


A summary of results for club members.


In the 1km the Club was represented by –

Freya Robinson-Mills(16 - 19)15:12 and earning 4th place.
Tracey Emerton(30 - 39)17:37
Greg Tomney(40 - 49)20:41
Jackie Lyons(wetsuit)21:48


Super Sprint

PosNameTimeCategory (POS)Gender (POS)SwimT1CycleT2Run
71Bryn Robinson-Mills (#41)00:33:2712-13 (20)Male (48)00:04:3000:01:4100:15:4400:01:2700:10:03
96Nic Mcgill (#28)00:34:2212-13 (26)Male (62)00:04:4000:02:2200:17:0600:00:5400:09:19
184Helen Mills (#260)00:38:4040-49 (12)Female (82)00:06:1300:03:0500:16:0900:01:0500:12:06
252Robert Johnstone (#396)00:41:0460-69 (4)Male (124)00:04:4800:04:0500:19:2600:01:3000:11:13


PosNameTimeCategory (POS)Gender (POS)SwimT1CycleT2Run
4Tim O'shea (#736)01:04:2820-24(3)Male (4)00:11:3600:01:1600:32:1800:00:5000:18:27
8Brooklyn Henry (#716)01:05:0014-15 (1)Male (8)00:10:1500:01:1400:33:5400:00:4500:18:50
23Zachary Sue (#743)01:08:0920-24(4)Male (24)00:10:5500:01:2100:34:2300:01:1500:20:14
90Darryl Callaghan (#1153)01:15:0345-49 (4)Male (73)00:13:1600:01:2500:35:0700:01:0800:24:06
181Brian Peadon (#1313)01:19:3860-64 (1)Male (139)00:12:1900:02:0700:43:4200:01:0500:20:23
344Tracey Emerton (#282)01:24:4035-39 (18)Female (97)00:13:5300:02:3300:40:3100:01:3000:26:11
386Rod Rose (#1322)01:25:5165-69(2)Male (275)00:16:2600:01:3900:40:4800:01:2100:25:35
514Erin Fleming (#284)01:29:1935-39 (25)Female (169)00:14:3200:03:0000:41:4000:01:3100:28:35
1029Marcus Vowels (#1334)01:49:1675-79 (3)Male (586)00:16:3400:03:0300:51:0000:01:0500:37:33
1079Joanne Ploszczyniec (#389)01:54:1040-44 (54)Female(475)00:24:0900:03:3400:52:4500:01:4700:31:53


Ella McInally. Unfortunately we haven’t got the results for Ella. 



PosNameTimeCategory (POS)Gender (POS)SwimT1CycleT2Run
7Matt Lewis (#1)04:09:04Elites (7)Male (7)00:31:2900:01:4402:11:3000:00:5301:23:26
45Josh Henry (#294)04:47:0140-44 (5)Male (42)00:31:4800:02:1902:26:3800:02:0101:44:14
48Jon-Paul Hilton (#201)04:48:2235-39 (8)Male (45)00:43:0400:02:5502:29:5000:01:5501:30:36
64Ben Moore (#226)04:53:2935-39 (12)Male (61)00:35:3000:02:2102:34:3600:01:0601:39:55
91Bill Stahlhut (#444)04:58:4155-59 (2)Male (87)00:38:3400:03:1802:38:0700:02:1601:36:24
97Justin Field (#279)05:00:3240-44 (12)Male (91)00:35:5800:02:3002:33:3100:01:2401:47:08
165Benjamin Clegg (#172)05:15:2135-39 (30)Male (155)00:38:1200:03:3502:39:2800:01:2301:52:42
195Kerry Hale (#60)05:22:13Mates (16)Male (183)00:43:4300:03:0702:42:4500:02:0101:50:35
225Paddy O'sullivan (#231)05:29:2130-34 (26)Male (204)00:41:1500:03:3102:45:1300:02:2901:56:52
236Scott Rankin (#98)05:30:57Mates(20)Male(214)00:42:2800:02:5902:49:4800:02:0001:53:48
304Robert Duffy (#401)05:45:3355-59 (11)Male (267)00:49:0500:03:5202:57:0800:01:3801:53:48
348Jackie Lyons (#475)05:55:5235-39 (10)Female (47)00:51:1600:04:0702:50:2000:02:3902:07:28
421Harry Davis (#46)06:28:05Mates (58)Male (355)00:51:1600:03:5803:06:1100:02:3002:24:08
443Tony Lim (#422)06:38:2065-69 (4)Male (368)00:47:5500:03:4903:16:1000:03:0902:27:15

Ultimate Relay

PosNameTimeCategory (POS)Gender (POS)SwimT1CycleT2Run
40Team The Bits And Pieces (Julie Dart, Pat Mcgill, Debbie Watson)03:18:2440-49 (34)Male (122)00:24:0100:03:0701:58:0300:01:5040


PosNameTimeCategory (POS)Gender (POS)SwimT1CycleT2Run
152Mark Bagnall (#1113)03:18:2440-49 (34)Male (122)00:24:0100:03:0701:58:0300:01:5000:51:22

Classic Relay

PosNameTimeCategory (POS)Gender (POS)SwimT1CycleT2Run
19Team Tracey's Fan Club (Ken Price, Arthur Watson)03:36:59Teams (4)Male (4)00:26:5000:02:3301:56:4100:01:3601:09:17