January 23, 2013

JB Clearwater Classic the Swim Formerly Know as the SBS

Dear All,
Wanted to advise that as of today we are officially renaming the swim the “Jervis Bay Clearwater Classic”. Thanks to all those who gave thoughts and ideas and I believe that it was Chris Vince who can be credited with the name although he did yell it out to me as we were cycling in opposite directions one morning so I may have misheard him cursing me although if so not sure what that rhymes with!

I would also like to make special mention to Rick O’Shea for this contribution “I thought about White Sands to Point Perpendicular and realized that was too long so wondered about shortening it to “White Pointer”!! Loved it but suspected it may create the same issues we had before!!

Whilst Shark Bait was unique I think we would all agree that the quality of the water in JB is a strong feature ,which I noted when swimming around the Point at Gerringong in their swim a few weeks ago, and worth promoting. However as a little “in-joke” I intend to place the letters SBS discreetly on flyers etc so that we can still all refer to it locally as the Shark Bait!

What now:
The swim is on Sunday March 17th and we will again run 3 swims (2.2km/1km* and 300m) *We will work at checking the distance better this year!
We need people to start preparing to do two things:

Promote this to your friends/family/work collegues/sporting clubs etc. (I have attached a flyer.)Download the flyer
Consider how you may be able to assist. Some options include:

  • Assisting with preperation in advance.
  • Assisting on the day with marshelling etc
  • Considering whether you, your workplace etc may be able to consider some prizes which we can give out on the day.

I am meeting with Tony Lim next week to start formally planning but have a tentative date for a meeting at Husky Pub on Thursday 7th Feb at 6.30pm for those keen to have some input and play a role.

Look forward to being a part of another great event.