Committee Meeting Minutes November 2023

JBTC Committee Meeting

29th Nov 2023 – 7:22PM

The President opened the meeting and thanked everyone for their attendance.


Rod Rose, Rob Duffy, Bill Stahlhut, Mandy Meredith, Jackie Lyons, Kendall McMaster, Annette Sampson, Tony Lim, Elisha Bell, Marty Bell


Julie Dart

Previous minutes reviewed for action items, with the following outcomes:

  1. Member communications review complete, JBTC Social added and members added to groups on joining and at request for previous members.
  2. Additional awards and criteria added to club presentation night to recognise performance and growth. Volunteering at Iluka is an eligibility requirement. Subcommittee will convene in April to review.
  3. Calendar is live on the club website, single printable page still in progress

Agenda item 1

  • NSW Club Championship (Forster)
    • Discussion was held around what the clubs goals are, what is the ‘mission’ and are we providing that for the majority of members. Agreed that a goal to increase participation in club championships was desired. A two-year plan to develop local race/training participation and social engagement was agreed as a good pathway to success. Batemans Bay Triathlon was discussed as a good opportunity for the club to target for social engagement weekend away.
    • Whilst this plan is taking place, JBTC will continue to promote and attend Club Championships. Members are investigating group accommodation sites in Forster for the 2024 event, to simplify accommodation planning for members.
  • Action
    • Engage members to establish club goals – All
    • Accommodation site booking 2024 – Rod Rose

Agenda item 2

  • The treasurer presented the report. Club membership and renewals was the major source of income for the period. Outgoings included Bay and Basin Swim centre for lane hire and Catfish designs for additional stock holdings on certain items in the online store. Financial position is considered good.

Agenda item 3.

  • Grant application and sponsorship details were finalised. Draft proposal will be developed and sent for final review and release. If successful, the funding will be allocated to equipment to support growth and participation in triathlon.

Agenda item 4

  • Mandy reported the uniform store has closed, with club expenditure of $776 to reach minimum item numbers. These additional items will be held on the site, and will be available for immediate purchase. Expect delivery of items prior Husky 2024.

Agenda item 5

  • The committee discussed club volunteer roster and requirements for access to race discounts. It was agreed that access to Club Champion award, access to race discounts would require adult members to volunteer at an Iluka monthly meet. This will be monitored over the season for effectiveness. Members can nominate their preferred dates to volunteer through the website.

Agenda item 6

  • Interclub series – communication ideas and update.
    • Marty gave an update on performance at Husky and an update on the current numbers for upcoming races. Callala is the next race on the calendar with strong numbers so far. Rod suggested the communication and drive for ICS participation needed to continue as past results could diminish if not. Current communication includes Email, Facebook, Whatsapp Interclub group, Website and word of mouth. ICS messaging will continue via these channels, with participation rates monitored by the committee over the season.

The president then closed the meeting at 8:30 pm, thanking all members for their attendance and participation in the meeting.

Marty Bell: President
Tony Lim: Secretary