June 23, 2015

Duathlon training session results – June

Many thanks to our volunteers who helped out with marshalling – especially Kathy Cupitt who travelled down from the Southern Highlands! Welcome to new participant Paddy O’Sullivan and welcome back to the Stauntons – especially Mel who is a real talent in the making. Next training session is on July 19 – hope to see lots of members there.

Zac Sue50:09
Jobn Schol52:40
Tim O'Connell53:02
Paddy O'Sullivan54:30
Kendall McMaster59:28
Rod Rose59:29
Neil Galletly1:01:25
Deb Watson1:04:24
Kylie Stewart1:04:52(2 laps 2nd run)
Arthur Watson1:04:59(2 laps 2nd run)
Marg O'Shea37:33(4 laps run only)
Paul Coombes49:23(bike only)
Mel & Damo Staunton38:42
Rick O'Shea47:55