Group Training November 20

A great turn for the club’s group training session. A choppy sea greeted the swimmers and everyone made the tough conditions, for first timers to the Iluka, it is not usually like that. Riders had a crosswind to contend with, unfortunately no tailwind. Only protection from the wind was during the run.

Thanks to the fantastic efforts of Elisha and Marty Bell, 15 juniors had a go at either the short or long course. Thanks to the adults who helped out.


Annette SampsonFull1:07:24
Elisha BellFull1:01:05
Bronwyn RoseFull1:25:35
Abbey LewisFull1:03:14
Kendall McmasterFull 1 lap run1:02:00
Ellis GentleFull1:18:47
Mandy MeredithFull 2 laps run1:04:40
Kelly SurekFull, 1 lap bike, run43: 26
Rod RoseFull, 1 lap run55: 5
Rob RichardsFull59: 52


Miller Bell17:49
Winter Bell23:05
Audrey Surek18:22
Pippa Surek22:20
Elsie Walker24:23
George Walker18:15
Lucas Moore17:34
Ashton Moore16:52
Beau Cudmore19:08
Saxton Parsons17:03
Erika Hilton20:20
Skye Hilton22:18
Indiana Sutton18:21