February 28, 2022

It’s A Wrap

JB Tri always makes a mark at its home triathlon and this weekend was no different. Some awesome performances, not least of which was the sterling work done by our volunteers manning the bike aid station yesterday. From the look of them this morning, they’d worked as hard as the competitors in the Ultimate! The club commitment of these volunteers (and friends and family) can’t be understated. They gave up their Sunday morning to fulfil our end of an Elite Energy sponsorship agreement which will result in discounted entry to Interclub races for all financial members.

Full results are at the end of this email, but a few highlights:

* We can’t go past Natalie Mort’s fantastic effort in being crowned Australian Long Course Champion in the 60-64 age group. Well done Natalie!!!

* Long course bling too to Bill Stahlhut, Tony Lim, and Annette Sampson who all won age group silver.

* Seventh in the Elite Field for Matt Lewis and top 10 finishes for Rob Duffy and Jackie Lyons.

* Silver for Jess Rosskelly the Classic and Luke Healy in the Aquabike.

* Silver to Sile Crowe in the Sprint with Ben Moore winning bronze. Rod Rose, Darryl Callaghan and Elisha Bell were just outside the medals.

* Gold to Mandy Meredith in the SuperSprint with Allira Murray just missing out and Sam Stubbs flying to the finish line. 

* Great Miniman performances by Miller and Winter Bell. It was also good to see Chloe and Charlie from last week’s juniors session out on the course.

We’ve also posted some pix from the weekend on the Club’s social media. Check them out using this link.

Interclub Series

By our reckoning, we’ve significantly extended our lead in the South Coast Interclub Series following Big Husky. The official update will be released later in the week, but we’re feeling good about it.

A reminder that there are just two races to go before the Series is wrapped up and one of them in Club Championships at Forster in May where we’re also hope out a win in our division.

Please contact us BEFORE you enter these races as financial JB Tri members are eligible for a very generous discount from Elite Energy.   

* Wollongong (Sprint distance). April 24.
* Club Champs at Forster (Club distance). May 21.

We’d encourage all members to enter these last two races and end the season with a bang.

Race Discount Info

Enter Wollongong and Club Champs

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Membership discount

A reminder too that TriNSW is offering a further $20 off the already discounted adult membership price  and $10 off for juniors for the rest of the 2021/22 season. It’s a great opportunity to rejoin and  enjoy the many benefits of being part of Team JB.

Just email Triathlon NSW Executive Director Adan Wicks directly at for your discount code and then use the link below to rejoin.Adam says TNSW will also refund any one day licence fees you’ve already paid this season up to a maximum of $40.

We’d love to welcome you back to the club. 

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Super Sprint

PosNameTimeCategory (Pos)Gender (Pos)SwimT1CycleT2Run
1Angus HEALY (#10187)00:42:1412-13 (24)Male  (88)00:04:4000:03:2400:20:2400:02:3200:11:12
2Mandy MEREDITH (#10275)00:43:3160-69 (1)Female  (71)00:04:4900:03:2100:18:0400:02:2300:14:51
3Sam STUBBS (#10398)01:01:2720-29 (31)Male  (164)00:05:4800:04:1300:32:3800:01:5400:16:53


PosNameTimeCategory (Pos)Gender (Pos)SwimT1CycleT2Run
1Ben MOORE (#1581)01:11:3235-39 (3)Male  (42)00:11:5100:01:2600:35:0300:00:5700:22:14
2Darryl CALLAGHAN (#1115)01:14:2650-54 (5)Male  (83)00:12:2800:01:4600:35:0300:01:1800:23:49
3Elisha BELL (#40)01:21:5735-39 (6)Female  (45)00:12:4400:03:1600:41:0900:01:2200:23:24
4Sile CROWE (#161)01:22:2450-54 (2)Female  (49)00:13:4500:03:1100:40:0400:01:3600:23:46
5Rod ROSE (#1726)01:26:2065-69 (4)Male  (426)00:15:4100:01:4700:41:3200:01:2100:25:56
6Abigail PIERCE (#595)01:26:3525-29 (25)Female  (94)00:14:0100:03:2400:39:3700:02:2400:27:08

Long Course

PosNameTimeCategory (Pos)Gender (Pos)SwimT1CycleT2Run
1Matt LEWIS (#10)04:02:03Elite (7)Male  (7)00:27:0000:01:4902:13:4100:01:1201:18:20
2Justin FIELD (#191)04:51:5740-44 (18)Male  (117)00:31:3600:03:3702:27:2700:02:0401:47:11
3Bill STAHLHUT (#571)05:06:4860-64 (2)Male  (177)00:32:3900:03:5502:42:3300:03:3301:44:05
4Padraic OSULLIVAN (#466)05:21:4235-39 (52)Male  (257)00:34:2100:05:0802:44:3900:03:0901:54:23
5Scott RANKIN (#502)05:28:0950-54 (21)Male  (282)00:37:2300:03:3102:49:0300:01:4801:56:22
6Robert DUFFY (#168)05:41:0960-64 (6)Male  (327)00:39:2600:04:3102:51:2700:02:4502:02:59
7Jackie LYONS (#363)05:54:5940-44 (9)Female  (64)00:40:1700:04:4602:57:4200:03:1902:08:52
8Natalie MORT (#423)05:55:5160-64 (1)Female  (66)00:41:2000:04:0103:10:1700:02:2501:57:47
9Chris STUBBS (#577)06:02:4550-54 (32)Male  (386)00:34:1900:04:1702:55:4400:01:5902:26:24
10Ben DUNCAN (#169)06:02:4940-44 (59)Male  (387)00:41:3900:05:5703:02:3000:02:5002:09:51
11Tony LIM (#351)06:23:5870-74 (2)Male  (422)00:42:0300:05:5103:10:1100:05:2802:20:23
12Annette SAMPSON (#532)06:40:5055-59 (2)Female  (84)00:41:3100:04:1903:16:2000:05:1002:33:28


PosNameTimeCategory (Pos)Gender (Pos)SwimT1CycleT2Run
1Jessica ROSSKELLY (#1657)03:00:0240-44 (2)Female  (20)00:18:0800:01:4001:47:5500:01:2000:50:57



NameTimeCategory (Pos) Gender (Pos)
22Luke HEALY (#839)03:15:4650-54(2)

I km Swim

PosNameTimeCategory (Pos)Gender (Pos)
1Matthew Shipton (#1620)00:15:3240-49 (6)Male  (26)
2Luke Healy (#1994)00:16:4950-59 (6)Male  (39)
3Mandy Meredith (#1590)00:22:1460+ (2)Female  (63)