Clearwater Classic

Jervis Bay Swim

Sunday March 30th 2014

What a day, after a week of rain the sun came out and Jervis Bay turned on its charm.

The Bay turned on perfect conditions for the more than 100 swimmers who turned up for this year’s Clearwater Classic.

The conditions allowed the flagship 2km swim (or, as some have come to call it, the Mystery Distance swim) to be moved back to its original course around Plantation Point. Swimmers commented that the course well and truly lived up to its name with clear water providing great visibility, even at the far points of the swim.

Local swimmers, Jarrod Edwards and Elizabeth Patterson, took top male and female honours with Edwards finishing well ahead of the pack in 23:13 and Patterson in 25:34. (Yes, we did say it was a mystery distance. This year’s swim erred a bit on the short side – around 1.8-1.9kms.)

The pair will be the first recipients of the new Clearwater Classic perpetual trophies kindly donated by the Poseidon Swim and Tri Squads run by coach Julie Dart who swam in the 1km event, helped out with water safety, and was on hand to award the prizes. Both Edwards and Patterson train with the squads.

Cameron Galletly and Nathan Tumara rounded out the top three males while Kate McAuliffe and Lisa Hussey were the 2nd and 3rd females.

See below for a full list of age group winners.

In the 1km swim (again on the short side!), the overall winners were Clive Cox and Keeli Cambourne who finished in 9:41 and 11:12 respectively. Gus Lasker and Ben Moore were the second and third placed males while Janine Sloan and Annette Sampson rounded out the top three females.

It was fantastic to see so many young swimmers fronting up for the Mini, and to see 12yo Rebecca Lancaster show the boys a thing or two by taking out line honours in 5:48. The first male home was Will Betts in 6:19.

Abby-Lee Edwards and Nellie Gray were the second and third placed females and second and third overall in a close contest. Abby-Lee finished in 6:02 and Nellie in 6:05.

Dylan Boag and Josh Winkler completed the top three males. You can look up your time by hitting the Results 2014 link above.

A huge thank you to everyone who took part, and the volunteers who worked to make sure everyone had a fantastic morning. Special thanks to co-ordinator, Chris Stubbs, all the members of JB Tri Club who helped out, Elite Energy for its help with equipment, caps etc, Poseidon for those great prizes, and, not to forget, Vincentia Sailing Club for its help with marshalling, use of its premises – and serving up all those post-race egg-and-bacon rolls and other tasty goodies.

Hope to see everyone back again next year! Let’s see if we can make this event bigger and even better!



OVERALL MALE:          JARROD EDWARDS              23:13


UNDER 17 MALE:         CAMERON GALLETLY          25:00


18-29 MALE:                 NATHAN TUMARA               26:28

18-29 FEMALE:             KATE MCAULIFFE                28:52

30-39 MALE:                 LUKE LANGFORD                32:06

30-39 FEMALE:            JULIE HOLDEN                    31:53

40-49 MALE:                AARON LAUDER                  27:23

40-49 FEMALE:            LISA HUSSEY                       29:15

50-59 MALE:                MARK EMERTON                 27:14

50-59 FEMALE:            JILL PETTIFER                     30:20

60+ MALE:                    TREVOR SYMONDS            32:10

60+ FEMALE:                BEVERLEY TENER              39:00



OVERALL MALE:          CLIVE COX                            9:41


UNDER 17 MALE:         GUS LASKER                        9:43

UNDER 17 FEMALE:     MADDY DUNN                    12:39

18-29 MALE:                 TIM O’SHEA                        11:03

30-39 MALE:                 BEN MOORE                        9:50

30-39 FEMALE:            BRODIE CAMBOURNE        13:09

40-49 MALE:                MARK STEWART                  11:48

40-49 FEMALE:            JANINE SLOAN                    11:30

50-59 MALE:                CHRIS VINCE                       10:50

50-59 FEMALE:            ANNETTE SAMPSON          11:52

60+ MALE:                    ROD ROSE                          13:41

60+ FEMALE:                SUE FERGUSON                15:27



OVERALL MALE:          WILL BETTS                              6:19


6-12 MALE:                   JOSH WINKLER                       6:44

6-12 FEMALE:              ABBY-LEE EDWARDS              6:02

13-17 MALE:                 SAM STUBBS                          9:13

18-29 MALE:                 DYLAN BOAG                          6:23

40-49 FEMALE:            VICTORIA HANCOCK-FORD  10:34

50-59 FEMALE:            MARGARET O’SHEA                8:44

60+ MALE:                    PAUL COOMBES                    11:00