November 22, 2011

Minutes 17th Nov 2011

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17 November 2011

PRESENT:  Tony Lim, Annette Sampson, Cathy Head, Alex Organ, Ken Price, Mandy Meredith, Sally Pateman, Jay Luke

APOLOGIES: Jo Warren, Marcus Vowels, Mark Stewart, Kylie Stewart, Tony McGowan, Chris Stubbs, Jeremy Sutton.

CHAIR: Tony Lim


ITEM 3. Matters arising from minutes.

– Following investigations of alternative suppliers of uniforms, it was resolved to stick with Champion Systems. Discussion of need to view items, especially the Elite tri suit prior to purchase. Resolved that Tony McGowan ask Champion Systems to send samples, particularly of the Elite suit. Ken Price asked whether it would be possible for members to order direct through the Club website. General discussion but no resolution made.
– Alex Organ reported that she would have the Club’s membership database done by December 15. Discussion about the level of detail required and the need to have a simple list of financial members and their contact details as soon as possible. Tony Lim suggested Alex co-ordinate with Sally Pateman on new members’ details.

Minutes confirmed. Moved Ken Price, seconded Sally Pateman.

ITEM 4. Reports.

President: Tony Lim congratulated all club members on their strong performances at recent races at Forster and Huskisson. He reported that Paula Luke had had a recent bike accident and passed on the Club’s best wishes for her recovery to Jay. Report accepted. Moved Ken Price, seconded Annette Sampson.

Treasurer. Sally Pateman reported the Club has a current account balance of $1402.60. She said this included some new memberships. Resolved that Tony Lim contact her to ensure their details are recorded on the Club’s email list. Report accepted. Moved Annette Sampson, seconded Cathy Head.

Secretary: Ken Price reported that the Club was up to date with the Dept of Fair Trading and its other obligations. Reported accepted. Moved Sally Pateman, seconded Jay Luke.

ITEM 4. General business.

Correspondence. Ken Price noted that the Club’s mail is currently going to 3 addresses – bank statements to Sally Pateman, DFT correspondence to his home address, and other material to Tony Lim’s post office box. He suggested it may be simpler to direct all mail to the public officer for distribution. A suggestion was made that this apply to all new correspondence. Mandy Meredith said a post office box is often preferable as addresses do not have to be changed if positions on the committee change. Resolved to maintain the existing arrangements. Moved Mandy Meredith, seconded Jay Luke.

Processing cheques. Ken Price raised the issue of cheques (usually membership dues) being sent to the post office box and resulting delays in them being banked by the Treasurer. Annette Sampson suggested the Club ask for electronic payments or for payments to be made at Club events. It was suggested that Tony Lim develop an electronic membership form. Resolved.
Ken Price also suggested the Club may be able to leverage its memberships off the Triathlon Australia web page. Resolved that Tony Lim will investigate.

Ocean swim. Tony Lim read a progress report from Chris Stubbs (Attachment A).
– Resolved that the proposed costs were acceptable and the suggested fees appropriate.
– Resolved that the Club agree to the Sailing Club’s request to run the canteen.
– Ken Price suggested Mark Stewart be asked to follow-up the possibility of offering T-Shirts saying “I survived the Jervis Bay Shark Bait Swim”. Resolved.
– Discussion of options for registration. Suggested that Mark Stewart be asked about the possibility of using the IMG system. Also that Chris Stubbs investigate further registering through Ocean Swims. Resolved.
– Jay Luke suggested the Club approach Mark Emerton to include the swim in one of his email newsletters. Resolved.
– Tony Lim moved a vote of thanks to Chris Stubbs for all his work. Resolved.

Membership card. Alex Organ proposed members be issued with a basic laminated card. Discussion of what should be included. Jay Luke suggested it be kept simple with just the Club’s logo, the member’s name, and the financial year listed. Resolved that Alex proceed on this basis.

Dec/Jan training sessions. Tony Lim confirmed that the Club could do its regular training at Iluka in December but said the site was unavailable in January. Cathy Head suggested the Club hold an aquathon at Huskisson on January 15. Resolved.

Event results. Annette Sampson reported that problems were still arising with members being overlooked when compiling a list of members’ results at major local races. Discussion of ways members may be able to be identified through the Elite Energy database or using the Club’s Facebook page. Resolved that Annette Sampson ask Tony Lim to distribute a general email prior to major events asking members to let the Club know if they were competing.

Christmas party. Discussion of potential dates and venues. Cathy Head reported that the most logical date, December 18, conflicted with a concert that a lot of members would be attending. Annette Sampson suggested an After Christmas picnic following the aquathon on January 15. Resolved.

Web page. Resolved that Tony Lim would investigate any leverage that could be gained from the new Triathlon Australia web page.

Training day. Cathy Head moved a vote of thanks to all members helping out at the upcoming schools triathlon training day. Resolved.

Equipment. Annette Sampson reported that the Stewarts had asked for help in picking up the Club trailer and gear for the November training event as Mark would be unavailable. Resolved that Tony Lim would organise this.

Facebook. Jay Luke raised the need to move the Club’s Facebook group to a page which would allow it to list events and keep better track of members’ activities. He said it would eventually be needed anyway as groups were being phased out. Resolved that Tony Lim investigate.

Meeting closed: 8.17pm