12 April 2012

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PRESENT: Tony Lim, Dave Edwards, Annette Sampson, Paul Coombes, Ken Price, Cathy Head, Mandy Meredith, Rick O’Shea

APOLOGIES: Joanne Warren, Pete Dooley, Tim O’Connell, Sally Pateman.

CHAIR: Tony Lim


TA COMPULSORY MEMBERSHIP PROPOSAL. Tony Lim reported on a TriNSW motion requiring all members of affiliated clubs to join TNSW and TA. This will require a change to the association’s constitution which will be voted on at the President’s Breakfast following Club Championships on April 29. Membership fees will be $100 for adult club members, $150 for non-Club members, $220 for families, $50 for juniors.
– Discussion of the issues this raised for smaller clubs that are not dominated by serious competitors. Most present felt it would likely result in a loss of Club members with many casual members unlikely to rejoin.
– Ken Price suggested the Club could continue on a non-affiliated basis if it had its own insurance.
– Tony Lim reported some Clubs were talking about giving their own membership fees back so that members could afford to join TA. Annette Sampson said this was unfair on the Clubs as it was taking much-needed money from the grassroots to give to the parent organisation.
– Tony Lim said the impression gained from club teleconferences was that the motion would be passed, although not all Clubs were involved in these discussions.
– Ken Price reported that when TNSW had tried to do something similar in the past ity had been declared unlawful by the Supreme Court.
– Paul Coombes said the Club needed to be prepared to go on its own if the motion was passed and it decided to give up its affiliation.
– Discussion on the costs of TA membership which most felt were unwarranted. Cathy Head said mountain bike membership was $80 for both the local club and the national association. Rick O’Shea reported ARL fees locally were $60, of which $40-50 went to the ARL.
– Ken Price said a recent report had said TA’s major profitafter government grants came from the profit it made on insurance.
– General discussion that TA gave nothing back to Clubs and age group competitors.
Resolved unanimously that the Club should vote against the motion.

– Ken Price proposed the Club should start discussions with other small clubs and underwriters with a view of forming a loose association to work together on things like obtaining alternate insurance and sponsorship. Resolved unanimously.

– Tony Lim said the Club would need a delegate to vote at the meeting. Ken Price volunteered to speak to one of his contacts at another Club who was likely to be attending.

– Annette Sampson suggested the Club’s database be updated to include TA membership next financial year. Resolved.

Resolved that:
Ken Price would talk to McCarthur Club about its intentions and the possibility of working together.
Tony Lim would talk to Mark Emerton at Elite Energy re insurance options.


– Tony Lim asked members to think about worthwhile uses for the money raised by the Shark Bait Swim. No definite figures were available but he said the profit was about $3000.

– Annette Sampson raised the need to apply early to renew the Club’s permission to use Iluka for training events. Tony Lim agreed to pursue this.

– Dave Edwards asked whether a list of next year’s training dates could be issued as soon as possible so that members knew when they were coming up. Resolved.

Meeting closed: 8.14pm