May 16, 2011

Newsletter 2

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Congratulations to Katie Winkworth, Louise Heywood, Bill Stahlhut, Jeremy Sutton, Jack Stewart and Mark Stewart for an heroic effort at Club Champs on the weekend. Despite having just a fraction of the competitors of the big clubs, JB placed 3rd in Division 3.
The girls led the charge with Katie and Louise both placing 9th in their age groups though there were some impressive performances across the board. Congrats too to Club Secretary Ken Price who placed 10th in the 60-64 male age group for ANOTHER CLUB. Be warned Ken – we’ll expect at least that for JB next year.

9 Katie WINKWORTH 01:57:45 00:16:21 01:02:15 00:39:09
9 Louise HEYWOOD 02:00:46 00:20:52 00:56:34 00:43:20
14 Jack STEWART 01:48:39 00:13:23 01:00:02 00:35:14
51 Jeremy SUTTON 02:01:05 00:18:54 00:58:17 00:43:53
11 Bill STAHLHUT 01:46:02 00:18:04 00:54:28 00:33:29
25 Mark STEWART 01:54:19 00:15:39 00:59:35 00:39:04
10 Ken PRICE 02:05:16 00:20:15 00:58:41 00:46:19

Katie reports conditions were great – water a “warm” 16 degrees and a fun day was had by all.
Don’t forget to leave a space in next year’s calendar for a full-on Club assault. We’ll provide more details closer to the event.
Pic pick. Thanks to Katie for this pic of the team at Club Champs. Uniforms look great.
Got a pic you’d like to share? Email it to Annette at or Marcus at and we’ll include it in a future newsletter.


A huge round of applause to all the Club members who scored top 10 placings in the Elite Energy Tri Series. Club athletes excelled over all distances and age groups proving we’re more than capable of punching above our weight.
Special congratulations go to our series winners – Mekayla Burdfield in the 16-17 female juniors, Katie Winkworth in the 20-24 female sprint category, Kate Darke in the 50-59 sprint category, Marcus Vowels in the 60+ male Enticer, and Bill Stahlhut in the 45-49 male Olympic.
Other top 10 athletes were:
* Eddie Stewart, 3rd, 12-13 males.
* Hugh Harrison, 2nd, 14-15 males.
* Jack Stewart,6th, 14-15 males.
* Tim O’Shea – 7th – 14-15 males.
* Emily Bevan – 7th – 16-17 females.
* Mitchell Brown – 3rd – 16-17 males.
* Trent Goodman – 3rd – 18-19 males.
* Bryce Hammond, 3rd, 14-15 males.
* Emily Bevan, 2nd, 16-17 females.
* Rose Dooley, 4th, 16-17 females.
* Trent Goodman, 5th, 18-19 males.
* Jodie Hale, 8th, 30-39 females.
* Mandy Meredith, 6th, 50-59 females.
* Neil Galletly, 2nd, 50-59 males.
* Paul Coombes, 8th, 60+ males.
* Elisha Bell, 5th, 25-29 females.
* Tim O’Connell, 2nd, 30-39 males.
* Kylie Stewart, 2nd, 40-49 females.
* Ken Price, 5th, 60+ males.
* Tony Lim, 4th, 60+ males.
* Tony McGowan, 10th, 50-54 males.
* Louise Heywood, 10th, 45-49 females.
* Cathy Head, 10th, 40-44 females.
* Dave Edwards, 7th, 35-39 males.
Missed anyone? Let us know and we’ll make sure you’re included in the next newsletter.
For the diary. Elite Energy will be expanding next year’s series to include nine events kicking off with Forster on October 15/16 and finishing with Callala Beach on April 22. The flagship JB Tri Festival is scheduled for February 17-19. For those of you who need to improve or test out your running, there will also be a Half Marathon and shorter races at Husky on September 4. More detail at


Sydney Half Marathon. So far we’re aware of three club members who ran the weekend’s Sydney Half Marathon. Despite a cold morning, reports were positive about the new one-lap course that took in some of Sydney’s most scenic sights.
Paula Luke managed a new PB of 1:39 while husband Jay was also a finisher. (See pic of the happy pair below.) Tony Lim finished his “easy Sunday run” in around 1:50. How fast could he go if he had tapered instead of doing a long bike ride and run the day before?
Byron Bay Tri. Tim O’Connell reports on a great day at Bryon Bay Tri earlier this month. Our sprint champ finished his first Olympic distance race in 2:10:16 and squeaked in to the top 20 in a competitive age group. Tim’s splits were 27:03, 58:35, 44:37. Well done Tim.


A reminder that the next GM of all members will be held at 7pm on Thursday night (May 19) at St Georges Basin Country Club. Come along and have your say and if there’s anything you’d like included in the agenda send it to Ken Price at


Membership and fees. Just a reminder Club membership is coming up and we need to get everyone up to date with their membership and make sure they pay the $5 fee when they attend Club events. Membership fees for the 2011/12 financial year (that’s the year starting on June 30) have been kept at $25 a head and a new $50 fee has been set for family memberships. We’ve deliberately kept prices low so that everyone can afford to be involved.
Research with TriNSW has revealed members are only covered by its insurance if they are also members of Triathlon Australia. Membership of TA provides benefits such as discounted entry to many races, the ability to earn points for your club at Club Championships and qualifiying for the Australian team for the ITU World Championships.
Non-TA members will still be able to participate at Club events but will do so at their own risk.
JB Online. JB Tri Club has gone multi-channel so stay in touch via the Club’s website at, its Google group at or follow us on Facebook.


Winter training. Coach Cathy Head, who is also one of the Club’s development officers, says winter is a good time to partake in different physical activities that still build strength for the summer triathlon season – cross country, fire trail mountain bike riding, rogaining and bushwalking.
Ed – If you’re looking for somewhere to start, Nowra Athletics Club runs Cross Country Events locally on Saturday afternoons while SCUM – South Coast United Mountainbikers – organise regular mountain biking events.
Training sessions.Keeping in shape over winter can be tough by yourself, so why not come along to one of the regular training sessions organised by Club members.
Saturday bike ride. Leaves from Vincentia Service Station at 6.30am for the National Park. It’s a “banana ride” –peel off when you need to. Options range from Murrays Beach return to Summercloud Bay and Caves beach, or join the diehards and cycle on.
Vincentia hill repeats. Leaves from Plantation Pt boat ramp at 6pm on Wednesdays. Don’t forget to bring relective clothing and/or lights.
Interested in a swim session on Tuesday or Thursday night? Tony McGowan is keen to organise a regular group. Contact him through the google group.
Sunday afternoon ride –Cathy Head says she’s hoping to get Sunday afternoon rides going again from St Georges Basin Petrol Station at 3pm. If you’re interested, let her know.
Got a training session you’d like others to join? Drop us a brief note and we’ll make sure it’s included in the next newsletter.
The Committee will be talking to sponsors and local businesses about discounts and benefits for club members.
If your business would like to be involved let us know.


Ideas, news items, photos and other contributions are warmly welcomed. Send them to: Annette at or Marcus at