Your help is required to win the South Coast Interclub Championship

Please indicate in the form below which races you plan to enter from those that help us score points. We score more points if you enter the race distance that provides Performance Points (shown in bold), but if you can't do that distance e.g. Wollongong Standard, please enter another distance at the same event as that will earn us Participation Points.
We will regularly email out our progress in the Series and identify those races we are looking for some extra starters in to help us achieve the minimum numbers for the Participation Points.
Please mark on the form below the races you intend to enter (at this stage). You can update your entry (if required) when we resend the form to update its information. Knowing how many are entered future races will also help us organise social activities for selected events e.g. BBQ, drinks.
5% of club members race = 3 participation points
10% of club members race = 6 participation points
20% of club members race = 9 participation points
A clubs membership number is calculated as the number of members aged 13+ from the end of the April 01 2019.
If 5%, 10% or 20% of a clubs membership is not a whole number, the required participant amount is rounded to the nearest whole number e.g 7% of a 60 member clubs = 4.2 members – therefore the club requires 4 members to race for 6 points. Smaller clubs with less than 20 members will be measured for participation points as if they are a club of 20 members.
If a clubs required participation is calculated as one member for both 5% and 10%, an extra required participant is added to the 10% requirement, meaning they would need two participants.
1st: 2 Performance Points
2nd – 5th: 1.5 Performance
6th – 10th: 0.5 Performance Point
*Points will be allocated to the top 10 from each age group division.
Clubs can earn a maximum of 25 points at each event of the Regional Interclub Series.
This point equalisation strategy will be implemented to allow clubs of varying sizes to compete against each other.
Race Selection
This is not a commitment but an indication of which races you might be doing this season.
Use this as a motivator to get the goggles on, get on the bike and put on the running shoes.
Huskisson, November 3, 2019
Kurnell, November 24, 2019
Callala, December 7, 2019
Huskisson, March 1, 2020
April 4, 2020, Batemans Bay
April 19, 2020, Wollongong
May 23, 2020, Forster