October 26, 2012

October newsletter

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A huge pat on the back to the eight JB triathletes who wore green and gold at the ITU Age group World Triathlon Championships on Monday. You were all bloody brilliant! Special congratulations to Mitchell Brown who not only made the top 10 in the 16-19 age group, but placed 20th overall. A fantastic result!

It was a tough day out there for some members. Bill Stahlhut did well just to get to the start line after being sick as a dog the day before the race, while Tim O’Connell had to deal with a bike saddle sinking into his seat post which led to an uncomfortable ride and cramping on the run.

Josh Henry deserves special mention for his 24th placing in the male 30-34 age group. He had a great swim, coming out of the water in 10th position.Hugh Harrison had a huge week flying to Auckland after winning the Christian schools Sports association triathlon on Friday and placing 32nd in the 16-19 age group. He was the 7th fastest 17-year old overall. Matt Lewis finished 31st in the 20-24 age group and Bill Frazer reportedly didn’t stop smiling for the entire race. Our sole female representative, Kylie Stewart, also had a strong race and was particularly pleased wigth her 25th placing in the swim.

Well done everyone! Full results are listed in the results section.

Kylie’s race report. [nggallery id=25] After such a long lead up, and expectations of huge hills, freezing water and gale force winds, race day turned out pretty good for me.  I rode the hills and survived (in a big bunch and city traffic – not my favourite things – but thanks to Bill S for coercing me through the buses).  I did the swim course wearing the fashion accessory of the week – the gorgeous black neoprene cap.  I ran the course bent forward into the wind, attended the race briefing, and I was ready.  Auckland weather is something that has to be experienced.  Freezing rain and wind, then warm sun, in 20 minute cycles all day in the lead-up to race day.  We were very lucky to have a dry morning for our race.  After a cold wait on the wharf, we were funnelled down to the pontoon where 122 35-45 year olds started with me.  I was really happy with my swim – kept my rhythm and felt good.  I then ran way past my bike in transition while congratulating myself on the swim.  I was so glad to have a dry bike course, and the volunteers and spectators out there were fantastic – cheering for all countries, and shouting your name from your suit.  I even had an American chap pass me on the last hill shouting “Come on Stoo-wert, dig in!”.  My run felt uncharacteristically okay; maybe I was distracted by the atmosphere of the crowds – it was an amazing experience, and definitely one I would be keen to repeat!


[nggallery id=23]

An amazing effort too from Louise Heywood who competed in her first World Ironman Championship at Kona last month. The conditions at Kona are always tough and this year was no exception! Louise finished in 13:22:27 and placed 36th in her age group. Fanstastic stuff Louise!


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The first Elite Energy event of the season served mostly as a warm-up for Club members attending the Worlds. Mitchell Brown gave us a taste of his form by placing second in the male 18-19 age group in the Sprint while Bill Frazer and Matt Lewis also had top 10 placings. Katie Winkworth placed second in the Ultimate under windy and difficult conditions, while Tibor Slezak was 10th in the 50-54 age group.


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As if triathlon wasn’t tough enough, some of our new members from down Milton/Ulladulla way thought they’d try a bit of cross training last month by entering Tough Mudder. For the uninitiated, Kate Staples reports this is “a 20-ish km run with 28 obstacles designed by the British special forces”. Well yes, and the obligatory mud! Well done Kate, Bill Frazer, Stacy Wilesmith and Carlie White.


Perfect conditions fof the first “official” triathlon training session at Iluka this month. Numbers were down a little with so many members in Auckland but it was great to see some new faces … and a few older ones back on the course. A big thank you to Jeremy, Peter, Marcus and Ken for their marshalling efforts – these events can’t happen unless we have a supply of willing volunteers!

Next month’s training session is on November 18 at 8am at Iluka – hope to see many of you there! Don’t forget that Club members receive discounted entry ($5 vs $10 for visitors) and junior members participate for free!

SHARK BAIT SWIM [nggallery id=26]

Put Sunday March 17 in your calendars. This year’s Shark Bait Swim was such a success that we’re planning to make it even bigger and better next year. There’s only one catch. It will no longer be called the Shark Bait swim. Here’s the drum from Chris Stubbs.

After doing some market research in the local area we now believe that the name Shark in our swim may be counter-productive for both us and the area that we are promoting. In short, all locals know it is a fun name that is tongue- in-cheek , but for the majority of tourists who have an irrational and pathological fear of sharks it could be misconstrued. We also want this event to work in partnership with the local community and it would be difficult to do this by continuing with the name.
Am I disappointed? Yes, Does it provide a fresh opportunity? Yes.
The swim will continue and now we asking for input from local people to come up with a short catchy name that embodies the local area and the idea of
swimming/exercising for fun. The Triathlon Club will come up with a prize for the winning name and we ask that all ideas could be forwarded to the
committee by Monday 10th December so they can be put forward to the committee meeting that week. Don’t be afraid to be bold and innovative!
Lastly, as people may have noticed,  a lot of work went into organising the last swim. If those interested in helping, both in advance and on the day, could forward their names to that would be great.  I will organise a sub-committee to get together and work on this.


Many club members will be aware that Club Secretary Ken Price was diagnosed with prostrate cancer earlier this year. The good news is that he’s on the mend and getting back into triathlon again. He’s also putting the experience to positive use as outlined below. 

Ken’s report. Since the very first Nepean triathlon, Ken Price has been a regular competitor in age group triathlons.  Now retired, Ken ‘never bothers the fast guys’, but what he lacks in speed he makes up for in enthusiasm and credits triathlons with helping him have an active and healthy lifestyle in his retirement.

Being diagnosed with prostate cancer earlier this year and the subsequent operation to remove the cancer therefore came as a terrible ‘reality check’.  For months after his operation, Ken was unable to swim, cycle or run and became very depressed, despite advice from medical professionals that ‘it would get better’.  However with time, this proved to be sound advice and he is now able to cycle and swim, although running is still a way off.

What Ken found astonishing after his operation, was the number of men that he either knew or found out about who had developed prostate cancer and also, the number of triathletes with the problem.  He also learnt that it is more prevalent amongst men than breast cancer is amongst women, killing about 100 people a day in the USA.  As one doctor cheerfully told him. “Every man will eventually get it if they live long enough”!

With this in mind and having read every book he could find by Lance Armstrong, Ken figured that ‘if Lance can do it I can do it’ and decided to enter a team in the upcoming Husky Tri.  The team consists of people who have had prostate cancer and called the Pro-State Triathlon Team.  While the concept is still in its early stages, the broad aims of the team’s participation are to:

  • Raise awareness of prostate cancer and the need to have regular medical checkups amongst triathletes, many of whom will eventually develop the disease;
  • Develop a network of triathletes able to offer support to others who may develop the disease;
  • Make triathletes aware that if they are unfortunate enough to be diagnosed with prostate cancer, it is not necessarily the end of their triathlon participation and that continuing in the sport may in fact assist in their recovery both physically and mentally;
  • Raise money for prostate cancer research through the sale of t-shirts and tax-deductible donations via a web-site to be set up with the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia.
  • Anyone wanting further information is welcome to phone Ken on 0426-270-980, email him at or make a donation at


Good luck to everyone competing in Husky 1 next week! Don’t forget to let Annette know which race and age group you’ll be competing in. Email or post on the Facebook page.


Membership. Thank you to the 90+ members who have already paid their 2012/13 membership fees. For those who haven’t got around to it yet, membership can be paid online at

Cost is $25 for individuals, $50 for families.

Members are also encouraged to take out membership of Triathlon Australia which offers insurance, race discounts and other benefits.

Uniforms. Unfortunately our first delivery of the new Club uniforms won’t arrive until after Husky 1 but we’ll definitely have the chance to show them off at Callala. Tony McGowan has also ordered a store of silicon swim caps with the Club logo. At just $10 each they’re great value – especially while the water is still chilly! Contact Tony if you woud like to order or find out more about Club gear –

Insurance. A reminder that TriNSW’s insurance only applies to financial members of Triathlon Australia. JB Tri Club members receive discounted TA membership. Info at

Facebook. If you’re not already signed up to the JB Tri Club Facebook page, you can find it at  There’s heaps of information on the club’s activities, what members are up t, and all matters triathlon. There’s also the Club’s website,,

Email list. Know someone who isn’t getting their Club emails? Contact


  • The Saturday morning swim at Husky beach has started again at 8am on Saturday mornings. But be warned – you might need your wetsuit!
  • Saturday bike ride. Leaves from Vincentia Service Station at 6.30 am for the National Park. It’s still the famous  “banana ride” – peel off when you need to

FEEDBACK. Got some news or thoughts you’d like to share? Have we missed any of your achievements? Send any ideas, news, photos etc to Or just post on the Club’s Facebook page.




20 10 Mitchell Brown 1:05:59 16-19 Male 20 0:10:32 0:32:30 0:17:09
114 32 Hugh Harrison 1:10:10 16-19 Male 114 0:11:56 0:34:15 0:18:12
180 24 Joshua Henry 1:12:01 3034 Male 177 0:11:06 0:33:51 0:19:53
426 31 Matt Lewis 1:17:23 2024 Male 368 0:14:19 0:35:38 0:20:49
478 61 Tim O’connell 1:18:25 4044 Male 405 0:13:08 0:36:14 0:22:11
875 46 William Frazer 1:29:01 5559 Male 593 0:17:04 0:41:17 0:22:51
957 56 Kylie Stewart 1:31:50 4044 Female 340 0:14:51 0:43:10 0:24:08

712 60 William Stahlhut 2:36:50 5054 Male 534 0:30:50 1:14:33 0:42:33



256 2 Katie WINKWORTH 7:30:24 20-24 31 0:37:26 4:34:24 2:13:29

180 10 Tibor SLEZAK 6:30:31 50-54 167 0:42:24 3:55:29 1:45:32


262 13 Kylie Stewart 1:24:54 40-44 82 0:15:28 0:43:33 0:25:52

14 2 mitchell brown 1:03:11 18-19 14 0:10:43 0:33:40 0:18:48

79 6 Matt Lewis 1:11:13 20-24 65 0:14:29 0:34:38 0:22:05

225 5 Bill Frazer 1:21:39 55-59 160 0:17:48 0:40:07 0:23:43


Overall Rank: 1570Rank: 36

Swim: 1:24:58
Bike: 6:24:02
Run: 5:21:39
Overall: 13:22:27
Swim Details Division Rank: 32
Split Name Distance Split Time Race Time Pace Div. Rank Overall Rank Gender Rank
Total 2.4 mi 1:24:58 1:24:58 2:12/100m 32 1582 401
Bike Details Division Rank: 22
Split Name Distance Split Time Race Time Pace Div. Rank Overall Rank Gender Rank
5.3 mi 5.3 mi 18:17 1:47:42 17.39 mi/h
7.4 mi 2.1 mi 5:42 1:53:24 22.11 mi/h
11 mi 3.6 mi 7:57 2:01:21 27.17 mi/h
30 mi 19 mi 57:44 2:59:05 19.75 mi/h
45.2 mi 15.2 mi 45:44 3:44:49 19.94 mi/h
60.5 mi 15.3 mi 58:58 4:43:47 15.57 mi/h
75.3 mi 14.8 mi 40:46 5:24:33 21.78 mi/h
90 mi 14.7 mi 52:33 6:17:06 16.78 mi/h
112 mi 22 mi 1:36:21 7:53:27 13.70 mi/h
Total 112 mi 6:24:02 7:53:27 17.50 mi/h 22 1511 358
Run Details Division Rank: 36
Split Name Distance Split Time Race Time Pace Div. Rank Overall Rank Gender Rank
3.1 mi 3.1 mi 40:42 8:41:30 13:07/mi
5.2 mi 2.1 mi 21:59 9:03:29 10:43/mi
7.3 mi 2.2 mi 20:46 9:24:15 9:39/mi
10.3 mi 3 mi 42:48 10:07:03 14:15/mi
13.1 mi 2.8 mi 35:50 10:42:53 12:47/mi
16.4 mi 3.3 mi 39:30 11:22:23 11:58/mi
17.7 mi 1.3 mi 17:05 11:39:28 13:08/mi
19 mi 1.3 mi 20:56 12:00:24 16:06/mi
22.3 mi 3.3 mi –:– –:– –/mi
25 mi 2.7 mi 13:12:36 13:12:36 53:33/mi
26.2 mi 1.2 mi 9:51 13:22:27 8:12/mi
Total 26.2 mi 5:21:39 13:22:27 12:16/mi 36 1570 412
T2: BIKE-TO-RUN 7:21