September 16, 2012

Results 16 Sept 2012

Duathlon & Triathlon

Members were offered the choice of  a duathlon or triathlon.

In the long course the first swimmer and first runner entered transition around the same time, the only difference was Josh sacrificed a few seconds for comfort as he put on a jacket before going on the bike course. I am sure all the other swimmers wished they had followed Josh’s example.

Deidre Ellis 34:38
Rick O’Shea 37:01
Jeff Cockrem 40:18
Abbie Wilesmith 49:25
Paul Coombes (swim & bike) 37:37
Tim O’Shea 51:03
Josh Henry 53:18
Bill Stahlhut 54:47
Steve Moore 59:49
Neil Galletly 1:00:40
Elisha Bell 1:02:33
Bill Frazer 1:03:16
Kendall McMaster 01:04:34
Tamlyn Phillip 1:11:27
Stacy Wilesmith 1:15:15
Marg O’Shea 1:21:55
Annette Sampson (bike only) 34:19
Tim O’Connell (swim & bike) 37:07