March 18, 2014

Results from Saturday 15/3/14 & Sunday 16/3/14

Results from Batemans Bay

Members of the club put in great performances down at Batemans Bay. Gus Frank’s (16-17 age group) came in 3rd overall in the Sprint and won his age group. Brooke Crossland won her age group, Kendall came in 2nd in his age group and Jed Frank was 3rd in his age group and Neil Galletly came in 4th in his age group. Former local Teresa Wynter was the first female home in the Sprint.

In the Challenge Batemans Bay Matt Lewis came in 2nd in his age group with Rodney Crouch, Shane Cousins and Lenell Hollywood all put in great performances


Gus FRANK (2003)1:08:3316-17 (1)Male (3)0:11:480:00:510:35:040:00:470:20:01
Neil GALLETLY (2122)1:20:4950-54 (4)Male (41)0:13:180:01:040:39:260:01:130:25:44
Kendall MCMASTER (2138)1:22:0355-59 (2)Male (50)0:15:250:01:140:40:580:01:040:23:18
Jed FRANK (2004)1:24:5514-15 (3)Male (64)0:14:190:00:420:44:490:01:000:24:03
Brooke CROSSLAND (2001)1:30:3714-15 (1)Female (26)0:14:450:01:190:46:020:01:010:27:28
Cynthia TREVALLION (2036)1:32:0650-54 (2)Female (32)0:15:570:01:150:43:270:01:210:30:04
Challenge Batemans Bay
Matt LEWIS (396)4:29:1618 to 24 (2)Male (31)0:32:030:00:512:28:010:00:481:27:30
Raimund WINKLER (114)5:19:4345 to 49 (10)Male (144)0:36:4500:02:0102:56:4800:01:2101:42:46
Mark BAGNALL (230)5:21:1540 to 44 (25)Male (148)0:35:0500:02:0402:56:5200:01:3001:45:42
Simon FITZGERALD (69)5:27:3550 to 54 (7)Male (161)0:33:3600:01:2202:46:2600:01:2502:04:44
Rodney CROUCH (61)5:49:5045 to 49 (19)Male (211)0:36:150:01:312:46:280:01:522:23:43
Shane COUSINS (185)6:11:4935 to 39 (43)Male (236)0:36:160:01:053:16:420:01:502:15:54
Kim WATERS (360)6:14:4745 to 49 (4)Female (50)0:40:0900:04:1303:30:1000:03:0801:57:04
Lenell HOLLYWOOD (321)6:28:1035 to 39 (10)Female (56)0:41:080:02:163:32:240:02:192:10:00
Ocean Swim
Cynthia TREVALLION (819)0:17:4250-59 (1)Female (6)
Laura BOWMAKER (802)0:19:0020-29 (2)Female (9)

Times from club training @ Iluka Sunday 16/3/14
Short  & Long Course

Sue Anfrunds39.34
Michael Crossland36.12
Callum de Rooy34.37
Rick O'Shea40.25
Long Course
Erica Smith1:12:38
Linda Clarke1:21:24
Kendall McMasters58:55
Zac Sue33:42 No Run
Kristine O'Shea1:03:41
Mandy Meredith1:06:01
Julie Holden1:07:15
Tim O'Shea33:42 No Swim, No Run
Chris Vince59:42