Tri The Gong

Words from the club’s president

Historically, Wollongong has not been our most competitive / difficult event in the ICS. No more !! The depth of talent we have in the Club is amazing.
We didn’t have a lot of our regulars racing today, but wow, when ya hot, ya hot! And JBTC is sizzling atm.
Of our 15 starters 13 scored performance points and the other two ensured we got maximum participation points. Now that is teamwork
5 first places, 2 seconds and a third. Over half the team on the podium for their age group. Impressive
I reckon this should make us unbeatable in the ICS, but double points at club champs can be tricky.
Today, winners are grinners! Again!
And it looks like we got about 27 or 27.5 points out of 30. Massive!
That is super impressive at Wollongong which has heaps of Sydney clubs racing and there were a record number of entrants 1900!

Standard - Solo: Jervis Bay Triathlon Club Inc
PosNameGun TimeCategory (Pos)Gender (Pos)SwimT1CycleT2Run
1Tom MORT (#266)02:00:0230-34 (2)Male  (8)00:20:0800:02:0101:00:5000:01:1900:35:42
2Tim EASTMENT (#109)02:08:1825-29 (3)Male  (31)00:19:0000:02:0501:06:1800:01:3100:39:22
3Bill STAHLHUT (#360)02:15:4860-64 (1)Male  (71)00:22:0600:02:5801:05:4800:01:3500:43:19
4Jacob LIPARI (#217)02:16:13Open (6)Male  (73)00:23:0400:01:4601:05:1200:01:1500:44:55
5Scott RANKIN (#313)02:26:1750-54 (8)Male  (146)00:24:2700:02:4201:10:4300:01:5400:46:29
6James DIXON (#99)02:38:2950-54 (17)Male  (250)00:28:5100:03:1801:12:5900:02:0900:51:10
Sprint - Solo: Jervis Bay Triathlon Club Inc
PosNameGun TimeCategory (Pos)Gender (Pos)SwimT1CycleT2Run
1Brett CAMM (#1058)01:12:5755-59 (4)Male  (58)00:11:3500:03:2000:33:5900:01:5800:22:02
2Elisha BELL (#1516)01:15:4040-44 (4)Female  (7)00:11:2800:02:5100:37:2900:02:0700:21:43
3Sile CROWE (#1544)01:16:1450-54 (1)Female  (12)00:11:5300:02:4100:37:0500:02:0200:22:30
4Annette SAMPSON (#1712)01:23:0055-59 (1)Female  (31)00:14:1100:03:1800:39:0100:02:2300:24:06
5Tony LIM (#1217)01:23:5970-74 (1)Male  (178)00:14:0100:03:4000:38:4200:02:3400:24:59
6Rod ROSE (#1320)01:24:5770-74 (2)Male  (189)00:15:1200:02:2800:39:1400:02:1300:25:47
7Mandy MEREDITH (#1668)01:29:0165-69 (1)Female  (87)00:13:5300:03:1200:36:2200:02:2700:33:04
8Bronwyn ROSE (#1704)01:38:4240-44 (24)Female  (166)00:16:0500:03:5500:45:3300:03:2600:29:40
9Will BLESSING (#1036)01:56:4970-74 (5)Male  (372)00:19:0200:05:3600:47:5200:04:4400:39:33