April 25, 2022

Tri The Gong

Congratulations to everyone who raced at Wollongong yesterday. We had some unavoidable last minute withdrawals but those who went stepped up to the plate and on our reckoning we earned close to maximum points towards the South Coast Interclub Series.

It was an incredible result and shows what makes us such a strong club. Everyone contributes. Sometimes individuals get big points, other times half a point. Some days the hottest competition turns up, or it just didn’t happen for you.

But it doesn’t matter. It’s participating and contributing to the team tally that counts. With the depth we have, we can still achieve an awesome result and extend our lead in the Interclub.

Congrats to everyone. Special mention to our Sprint medallists: Bill Stahlhut, Brett Camm, and Sile Crowe who won their age groups, Elisha Bell and Mandy Meredith who placed second, and Rod Rose and Annette Sampson who won bronze.



PosNameGun TimeCategory (Pos)Gender (Pos)SwimT1CycleT2Run 
9David PARLE (#215)02:58:3550-54 (9)Male  (185)00:32:3600:02:5001:15:1800:02:4201:05:07


PosNameGun TimeCategory (Pos)Gender (Pos)SwimT1CycleT2Run 
1Bill STAHLHUT (#1055)01:15:5760-64 (1)Male  (34)00:13:1000:03:1200:33:3200:02:0200:23:59
2Brett CAMM (#748)01:18:3955-59 (1)Male  (48)00:12:2500:03:5400:33:3000:02:2800:26:21
3Sile CROWE (#1157)01:22:5450-54 (1)Female  (14)00:14:0900:03:2300:37:0700:02:0400:26:08
4Scott RANKIN (#1013)01:24:1250-54 (7)Male  (102)00:15:3400:03:0200:35:3600:02:1400:27:43
5Elisha BELL (#1125)01:24:3135-39 (2)Female  (22)00:13:5900:03:3400:39:0300:02:0600:25:46
6Paul THOMSON (#1070)01:26:0240-44 (10)Male  (119)00:14:4900:02:5700:37:3600:02:2600:28:13
7Chris STUBBS (#1058)01:26:2150-54 (9)Male  (124)00:14:0100:03:3800:36:1500:02:1200:30:13
8Darryl CALLAGHAN (#747)01:26:4850-54 (10)Male  (130)00:14:4000:02:4900:37:0600:02:3100:29:39
9Martin BELL (#711)01:31:1040-44 (15)Male  (180)00:14:4200:03:5300:40:0300:02:2200:30:09
10Annette SAMPSON (#1291)01:32:3155-59 (3)Female  (57)00:16:4900:04:1700:40:2000:02:5200:28:12
11Jared BONARIUS (#719)01:36:4425-29 (48)Male  (230)00:18:5900:05:2200:41:2700:02:3500:28:18
12Rod ROSE (#1025)01:38:3165-69 (3)Male  (246)00:18:3600:03:1800:42:2800:02:3300:31:33
13Mandy MEREDITH (#1251)01:42:3365-69 (2)Female  (104)00:17:0400:03:5300:36:5000:03:1400:41:29
DNFJose JUAREZ (#885)01:17:0250-54Male00:17:1600:05:3900:19:4700:02:3500:31:43
DNFTony LIM (#916)01:27:2070-74 (1)Male  (141)00:16:3600:04:2900:37:2200:03:1800:25:33

Super Sprint

PosNameGun TimeCategory (Pos)Gender (Pos)SwimT1CycleT2Run 
1Allira MURRAY (#1508)00:45:3514-15 (3)Female  (13)00:04:2700:03:1700:23:1600:01:3900:12:541