Triathlon Batemans Bay

It has been a big 10 days for JB Tri. First up was the Wollongong Australia Day Aquathon where 10 JB-ers ensured we maintained our lead in this year’s Interclub Series. Podium finishes for Elisha Bell, Sile Crowe, Miller Bell, Bill Stahlhut and Rod Rose but great performances all round in tough conditions.

22 JB-ers came down to Tomakin yesterday to race in the Batemans Bay triathlon. There were some exceptional results but we can’t go without mentioning Jacob Lipari and Tim Eastment who took out the top two places overall in the Standard!!!! Plus we had Elisha Bell second female in the Sprint and Jackie Lyons third female in the Standard. Wow!!!  

Special mention to new members Clare Lassam, Amy Chancellor, and Jarred Carroll who competed for us for the first time (we’re told it was Jarred’s first tri and he signed up for the standard!!!). Also congrats to Lucy McGowan who competed in her first Sprint and came second in her age group.

Full results for all races at the end of this email.

And finally, congrats to Jemma Dart who competed in the ACT Aquathlon Championships and won age-group silver.

Photos from all 3 events are on the Facebook page but if you have more, please let us know!

Brewery Run THIS Wednesday

A quick reminder that our next Summer Brewery Run will be back at Jervis Bay Brewery on Wednesday evening at 6pm. Join us for some summer training and social fun.

WHAT: Brewery Run – approx 6km with drinks and/or dinner afterwards. Options to extend or shorten the run as needed. Or just come for the drinks and catch-up.
WHEN:  6pm Wednesday Feb 7. Meet at approx 5:45pm for a 6pm start.
WHERE: Jervis Bay Brewing Co, 3 Duranbah Drive in the Woollamia Industrial Estate.

We need volunteers for Big Husky

With Big Husky just around the corner, we need volunteers for the bike aid station JB Tri will be running on the Sunday. This is our major commitment to Elite Energy in exchange for those race discounts we all enjoy so please help out if you can.

Running the station was a great success and good fun last year and proved a great way for club members and family to be involved and cheer on our long course athletes.

We have learnt a lot from previous years and have good systems in place for running the station safely. If you can’t commit to the whole morning that is fine,  we will have a roster system that allows people to participate when they can make it.

Please let us know busing the email link below if you can help out and what time you are able to give. It is normally an early start and wrapped up just after lunch.

Thanks to those who have already signed up to  help the Club and its athletes. It means a lot!

6Matt LEWIS2:56:50Open (4)Male  (6)0:27:460:00:441:23:220:01:131:03:43
43Ming LEUNG4:00:4255-59 (3)Male  (37)0:38:400:02:431:59:460:02:161:17:15
1Jacob LIPARI1:59:5420-24 (1)Male  (1)0:18:190:01:001:01:150:01:100:38:08
2Tim EASTMENT2:02:1225-29 (1)Male  (2)0:18:160:01:131:02:400:00:570:39:04
28Jackie LYONS2:31:3840-44 (2)Female  (3)0:22:250:01:401:12:230:01:260:53:44
31Rob RICHARDS2:32:1150-54 (3)Male  (28)0:20:170:01:331:05:320:03:481:00:58
46Robert DUFFY2:42:2360-64 (1)Male  (41)0:24:410:02:171:14:010:01:201:00:02
68Jarred CARROLL 2:50:16Clydesdale (2)Male  (60)0:25:090:02:461:25:400:01:290:55:10
15Elisha BELL1:19:3740-44 (1)Female  (2)0:08:180:02:010:44:570:01:150:23:05
32Martin BELL1:24:3940-44 (6)Male  (25)0:07:460:01:460:47:460:00:590:26:20
47Clare LASSAM1:30:0230-34 (4)Female  (12)0:10:000:02:150:51:280:00:560:25:21
72Mandy MEREDITH1:34:1265-69 (2)Female  (18)0:09:530:01:400:45:220:01:430:35:33
89Rachel MARSDEN1:36:2745-49 (2)Female  (22)0:10:310:02:240:52:080:01:200:30:01
92Lucy MCGOWAN1:37:0835-39 (2)Female  (23)0:10:320:02:060:55:180:00:570:28:13
112Tabea BAUFELDT1:40:5940-44 (9)Female  (36)0:11:290:02:080:56:560:01:060:29:18
134Annette SAMPSON1:45:0760-64 (1)Female  (44)0:10:100:02:371:00:250:02:100:29:43
137Kelly SUREK1:46:5935-39 (4)Female  (46)0:10:300:02:110:56:520:01:240:36:01
145Amy CHANCELLOR1:48:2625-29 (6)Female  (49)0:10:510:02:321:03:230:01:450:29:53
175Nick BACCHUS1:59:2350-54 (7)Male  (105)0:10:220:02:230:57:080:01:430:47:45
50Ken PRICE0:50:4870+ (1)Male  (21)0:07:310:01:360:20:340:01:560:19:10
4David PARLE2:18:0150-59 (2)Male  (2)0:32:570:01:481:43:15
11Stephen COLLINS2:54:1660-69 (1)Male  (8)0:39:460:04:342:09:55