OMG! How warm was it at Callala yesterday!!!! Congratulations to everyone who raced. Just getting through was an achievement. It was incredible to see so many JB members out in force and we had some fantastic results, but well done everyone! Full results are at the end of this email, but a few quick highlights:

  • A double for Team JB with Matt Lewis winning the Standard overall and Jacob Lipari winning the Sprint. Well done guys!
  • New members, the Freeman family, turning out to race with the girls doing their first triathlon. We’re excited to see you all racing and doing so well.
  • Miller Bell’s age group first in her second SuperSprint after turning 12 and meeting the minimum age requirement.
  • The dynamic duo of David Parle and Stephen Collins who took on the Standard Aquabike. Stephen’s smile afterwards was a reminder of why we all love this sport.
  • Huge kudos to Tony Lim and Mandy Meredith who were both unable to race due to illness but volunteered their time out on the bike course to raise funds for JB Tri. They were out there longer than anyone who raced, in really trying conditions, so thank you from all of us. 
  • And while we’re saying thank you, a big thanks to Marty and Elisha for bringing along the esky of iced drinks for afterwards and staying back to take down the marquee. And to Tony who set it up on Friday and helped with packing it down.

End of Year Get-together

Don’t forget to come along and celebrate a brilliant 2023 at our  informal training/social get-together THIS Saturday at Huskisson. Rock up in your club gear to do Park Run at 8am followed by an ocean swim at Huskisson Beach and a BBQ breakfast provided by the Club. Come for the full agenda or just the swim and/or BBQ.

Please use the link below to let us know if you’ll be attending the breakfast so that we have numbers for catering. If you have any special dietary requirements just mention them in the email so we can get something organised for you. 

WHAT: Informal get-together – run, swim, eat, chat.
WHEN: Saturday Dec 23. Park run starts at 8am or join us afterwards for the swim and BBQ breakfast.
WHERE: South end of the main beach at Huskisson. Park run starts from the park near Moona Moona Creek. We’ll try to grab one of the nearby BBQ areas for the get-together afterwards.

Full results and well done again.

1Matt Lewis2:00:44Open (1)Male  (1)0:19:290:02:420:59:340:01:020:37:55
44Rob Richards2:29:3750-54 (5)Male  (41)0:24:370:01:461:09:200:02:130:51:40
96Warwick Freeman2:42:37Clydesdale (1)Male  (83)0:25:140:01:571:17:140:01:150:56:55
97Jackie Lyons2:43:1240-44 (1)Female  (14)0:29:330:01:471:17:010:01:490:53:00
104Wes Campbell2:46:3955-59 (9)Male  (88)0:29:340:01:511:19:380:02:080:53:27
142robert duffy2:57:2460-64 (1)Male  (123)0:29:540:02:571:22:340:01:341:00:23
166ANNETTE Sampson3:08:0660-64 (2)Female  (26)0:34:070:02:031:32:090:02:310:57:13
1Jacob Lipari1:03:5820-24 (1)Male  (1)0:12:300:00:580:29:340:00:570:19:05
33Bill Stahlhut1:19:5960-64 (3)Male  (30)0:14:580:02:040:37:450:01:240:23:46
36James Dixon1:21:1150-54 (5)Male  (32)0:16:000:01:500:36:540:01:350:24:51
47John Oh1:23:0650-54 (7)Male  (40)0:16:570:02:340:35:330:02:570:25:02
48Elisha Bell1:23:1140-44 (2)Female  (8)0:14:180:01:480:42:220:01:200:23:21
52Scott Rankin1:23:3550-54 (8)Male  (44)0:15:560:01:330:39:360:01:310:24:56
60Sile Crowe1:24:3150-54 (1)Female  (10)0:15:270:01:330:41:060:01:250:24:58
63Martin Bell1:24:4040-44 (4)Male  (52)0:13:320:01:310:40:590:01:060:27:30
141Rod Rose1:35:0970+ (1)Male  (115)0:19:090:01:240:45:230:01:220:27:49
171Libby Freeman1:38:5640-44 (6)Female  (37)0:18:470:02:120:47:340:01:250:28:57
184Rachel Marsden1:42:0845-49 (2)Female  (39)0:19:410:02:110:49:290:01:490:28:55
214Bronwyn Rose1:49:4340-44 (8)Female  (53)0:20:410:02:010:50:430:02:180:33:57
25Lucy McGowan0:37:5330-39 (5)Female  (11)0:05:090:02:040:17:510:01:020:11:45
37Miller Bell0:40:0512-13 (1)Female  (19)0:03:550:01:400:20:580:01:000:12:30
2David Parle1:47:3750-54 (1)Male  (2)0:25:540:01:331:20:09
12Stephen Collins2:11:1265-69 (3)Male  (10)0:32:210:04:261:34:24