Following discussions with many Clubs around the introduction of the new membership model, Triathlon NSW took a proposal to a meeting of  the National and State Triathlon Associations that has resulted in the introduction of a new junior membership category for juniors in the “non-competitive” age groups up to and including age 11.

The membership fee for Club members for this category has been set for 2013-14 at $30.00 per annum.  This is half the fee of that for junior members from age 12 to 19 where there is significant opportunity for competition.

Triathlon NSW President Grant Leslie said “I am excited about the growth in junior participation in Triathlon and pleased we can now offer our future triathletes an inexpensive opportunity to become involved with Clubs, be able to participate in the sport and enjoy the full benefits of membership of the sports peak body.”

“We believe that this initiative, and others being developed to support one of our most important stakeholders, our Clubs, will help drive continued growth in the sport that provides a lifetime of participation opportunities.”

The membership registration site will be updated to reflect this new membership category shortly and any members in this new category that have already joined will be refunded the $30.00 fee reduction.

Phil Dally

General Manager
Triathlon NSW