All Schools & Husky 100 MTB

Congratulations to the juniors who competed at All Schools this week and Glynis Kuipers for a valiant effort in the 50km MTB event at Husky 100. If we’ve missed anyone, let us know.

87Mitchell STAHLHUT (376)1:00:08Government (22)Male (57)0:13:410:28:500:17:36
17Zachary SUE (586)1:02:37Government (7)Male (17)0:11:130:32:440:18:39
72Kristina O'SHEA (652)1:14:51Government (13)Female (28)0:14:590:39:180:20:33
83Brooke CROSSLAND (626)1:20:22Government (14)Female (32)0:14:060:40:590:25:17
234Glynis KUIPERS (1811)4:45:48Masters (11)Female (30)