March 1, 2021

Husky Tri Festival

How damned good is JB Tri Club! Huge congratulations to everyone who raced and to their long-suffering supporters. Applause too, to those club members who helped out by volunteering. You all rock!

Results are at the end of this email and we have a couple of photos up on the Facebook page. If anyone has more, let us know as we’d love to include them.

But well done again. It was a brilliant weekend.

Upcoming Races

Don’t forget to let us know if you have a race coming up. As we near the pointy end of the season, competition is heating up for our own Club Champion awards which are based on your best FOUR races of the season. Plus we just like to celebrate everyone’s efforts.

For the Club, our big goal of winning the South Coast Interclub title comes down to two more races – Wollongong on April 11 and Club Championships on May 22. We strongly encourage you all to register for one or (preferably) both races so we can finish the season with a blast. The Club can help with accommodation pooling at Forster for Club Champs for those interested in going. Just let us know.

March Training Session
Our March training session at Iluka in Booderee National Park will be held on Sunday, March 21. We’ll send out a reminder closer to the date, but set aside the morning for some serious fun training.

Super Sprint

14Nic MCGILL0:32:0112-13 (3)Male (10)0:03:170:03:020:16:560:01:060:07:39
19Zac PETERS0:33:0312-13 (4)Male (14)0:03:350:02:080:16:110:02:030:09:04


129Darryl CALLAGHAN1:15:5550-54 (8)Male (114)0:12:560:02:420:35:110:01:300:23:35
168Gray PARKES1:17:1360-64 (2)Male (147)0:10:230:02:550:37:050:01:350:25:13
219Elisha BELL1:18:3935-39 (7)Female (30)0:12:120:02:280:39:490:01:210:22:48
399Sile CROWE1:22:2545-49 (6)Female (74)0:12:580:02:000:40:270:01:370:25:21
531Mark BAGNALL1:24:5850-54 (23)Male (429)0:13:390:03:310:40:440:01:350:25:26
601Tamara SHIRVINGTON1:26:1235-39 (18)Female (137)0:15:200:02:100:41:170:01:380:25:46
631Erin FLEMING1:26:3940-44 (13)Female (148)0:13:020:02:050:41:240:01:510:28:15
782Rod ROSE1:29:1165-69 (2)Male (577)0:15:220:03:030:42:180:01:490:26:37
1159Andrew LAWRENCE1:36:3950-54 (42)Male (781)0:17:340:05:190:45:300:02:270:25:47
1294Kendall MCMASTER1:40:3160-64 (14)Male (838)0:15:320:03:160:43:440:02:130:35:43


157Jessica ROSSKELLY3:03:2640-44 (4)Female (34)0:18:000:01:361:51:360:01:210:50:52


2Haydn JERVIS2:48:1245-49 (1)Male (2)0:26:510:02:482:18:31
38Scott RANKIN3:33:5045-49 (7)Male (34)0:36:400:04:082:53:00
62Ken PRICE3:57:5570+ (2)Male (48)0:42:060:06:213:09:27
74Mandy MEREDITH4:13:4865-69 (1)Female (19)0:39:420:04:203:29:45


13Matt LEWIS4:00:48Elite (13)Male (13)0:25:390:01:342:12:110:01:081:20:14
113Justin FIELD4:48:4240-44 (8)Male (97)0:28:510:03:032:28:240:01:541:46:29
251Bill STAHLHUT5:15:1255-59 (7)Male (222)0:31:120:04:352:46:440:02:401:49:59
320Jackie LYONS5:29:0840-44 (4)Female (42)0:39:430:04:202:48:180:02:441:54:00
363Malcolm OKE5:35:4445-49 (50)Male (314)0:37:080:06:302:46:150:02:542:02:55
405Robert DUFFY5:42:1860-64 (4)Male (347)0:36:440:04:242:52:290:02:012:06:38
461Ben DUNCAN5:57:5440-44 (50)Male (391)0:35:590:04:563:07:550:02:342:06:27
482Chris STUBBS6:04:0850-54 (29)Male (406)0:32:350:04:252:58:550:01:362:26:35
529Tony LIM6:31:0170+ (2)Male (438)0:38:220:05:093:13:580:03:442:29:46
563Allison DILLON7:06:4850-54 (9)Female (101)0:33:310:05:303:23:170:03:583:00:30