March 15, 2021

Newsletter 15/3/21


Mid March already, which means our group training session will be held THIS Sunday at Iluka. The water in the bay is stunning at the moment, so come along while it is still warm enough to enjoy a swim/bike/run with other club members. Usual drill: choice of short or longer course options or mix and match your own. Use it as a hit-out, skill practice, or just a fun training session with some mates.

You MUST register before 4pm on Friday  if you’re planning to attend. This applies to both marshals and participants.

We need FIVE volunteers to help out with traffic marshalling and general duties such as water safety and monitoring the transition/finish area. If you, or a family member or friend can help, please let us know. 

Participants are also required to have a Booderee pass. The annual and two-yearly passes are a great deal and will give you an incentive to get along next month!


Wollongong and Club Champs

JB extended its South Coast Interclub Series lead over Kiama TC to 12.5 points at Big Husky. So firstly, well done all!

But with only two events to go, and low numbers from JBTC currently registered for Wollongong and Club Champs, things are not looking good. If Kiama and JBTC both earn similar points to the last time we competed at these events, Kiama will get 37 points and JBTC 12,  which will give Kiama the Series win. We know they are definitely planning to have good numbers at these last two events and are making a concerted effort to knock us off.

To help out, please register for any event at Wollongong, but preferably the Sprint as it offers extra Performance Points. And let’s make a party of it at Club Championships where double points are on offer along with our end-of-season beer and pizza night. 

Old Runners

No, we’re not talking about the Prez and VP. We have received a request for old joggers/runners that can be used for people in the South Nowra Correctional Facility. Instead of throwing out old running shoes, or letting them accumulate in the back of the wardrobe, they can be re-cycled and re-used. Just drop them in to the Baptist Opportunity Shop (near Vincentia Coles) marked ‘Prison Fellowship’.