Newsletter 26/10/21

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Little Husky

Woohoo! How good is it going to be to race again?

We’re super-excited about being able to build on the Club’s successful 2020/21 season and it looks like we’ll be  off to a strong start at Little Husky on November 6 with more members signing up every day.

Little Husky will also be the first race in this season’s InterClub series so it’s a real chance to kick off our South Coast champions title defence on home ground. All club members who race are eligible to earn participation points for the Club with additional performance points awarded to top 10 finishers in the Sprint.

Enter Little Husky

Fundraising Opportunity

The Club tries as much as possible to keep costs low and to provide free activities for members. But if you, or any friends or family, are not competing at one of the Elite Energy tris, it would be great if you could help out by volunteering. Volunteers can earn a donation of up to $100 each for the Club and we’re told you get a free lunch as well.

Elite Energy is asking for our help in finding volunteers for Callala on December 18, but the deal applies to any EE event.

Use the link below or call Irene O’Brien on 0407 221 510 for further information.  


Interclub Series

TriNSW has announced the full race calendar for this season’s InterClub Series. With fewer races, we will need a strong turnout at every race to keep our title as South Coast champions. So mark these dates in your race calendar:

Nov 6: Little Husky (Sprint for Performance points.
Dec 18: Callala (Sprint)
Feb 6: Batemans Bay (Standard)
Feb 25-27: Big Husky (Long course)
May 21: Club Championships at Forster (Club)

Wollongong Tri is also listed in there, but there is uncertainty over the date so we’ll confirm that when we can. 

Group training

Now that community sport is allowed again, we are planning to hold our next group training session at Iluka on November 21. It will be a triathlon format with short and longer course options. Mark the date and we’ll provide more details once everything is confirmed.

We’re also open to ideas for extra group training sessions over the summer holiday period. Options currently include:

* A swim/run at Husky.
* A family fun day.
* A mid-week Brewery run with drinks afterwards at Jervis Bay Brewery.
* A group brick session at Husky.

Any more brilliant ideas? We’d love to know what you’d be interested in doing with fellow Club members now that we’re allowed to play again.

Please also use this link if you’d like to be added to any of our Club training message groups.